How to empty trash on Android [Easiest Methods Explained]

how to empty trash on Android

If you are an Android user, you must have gone through the situation when you are at your favorite place and want to click some memorable photos, but when you click to capture the pose of yours with a fantastic background, a message “storage full “appear on the top. You will get disappointed as you have to spend the time thinking how to empty trash on Android.

When this happens, you must remove all the junk files from your phone to have enough space to don’t have to put yourself in the same situation. Don’t worry. If you are feeling bad, you will not face the situation again after reading this article, as here we are going to talk about multiple ways on how to empty trash on Android.

Most users get disappointed as Android has no recycle bin or place where they can move all their unwanted files. Every problem has a solution; and this one too. Well, it can be done by just following some easy tips and tricks. None of these solutions are difficult and you can overcome the situation within minutes. 

Before we get started, it is essential to know about the trash files on Android.

What are the trash files on Android?

An Android device has many types of cache and trash files, and a cache files are automatically generated by the applications. The file named cache helps to optimize the application to work efficiently. The cached data is formed by photos, videos, and files in multiple ways.

For instance, you have installed an app in the last few days and have uninstalled it now, but the folder is automatically created as the cache, and the trash folder would be there. Yes, the app is removed from the device, but it will occupy space in the phone for sure.

How to empty trash on Android? Try These Simple Methods

Now, you get to know how the cache takes space and why it is necessary to wipe it out from your phone to make it run flawslessly.

Here is how to empty trash on Android. 

Clear app cache memory 

You might be unaware that the cache data keeps on increasing with the usage of apps whenever you access them. This thing can be an annoyance at the most special moment of your life, and you could lose that moment just because of this useless storage. So it is crucial to keep an eye on it and keep clearing cache to save the great moments. What you need to do is just to reach your phone’s settings, choose apps and notifications. Tap on the apps you want to clear cache and click on clear cache.

Delete extra downloaded files

When we search for something, we tend to download many files. After reading the materials, we just don’t bother about the existence even if they are not useful in the future; as we might don’t have an idea of how much space they are eating. They should be removed to make space for precious moments. If you agree, just open the file manager and access downloading history or the folder. Then go through all the downloaded files and content, and delete the unwanted stuff to facilitate space for the important ones. 

Delete duplicate photos

As smartphone users, we often take several photos to click the best possible photo; especially when we are in a gathering. We don’t even count the pictures taken by us as we click photos individually, with our special friends and the group photos as well. But you need to pay attention to the random and useless clicks as they can bother you afterward. 

To do this, visit your gallery and photos folder to figure out the unnecessary pictures and remove them to make space for the new ones.

Uninstall unused apps 

It is a craze to have numerous apps just to make your phone look heavy and classy as it shows you an up-to-date and busy person. But this thing might not be work in your favor. And, you will be deprived of catching the best moments of your life. Majority of the apps tend to download heavy updates regularly and can be a red flag in terms of the space of your device.

On the other hand, you may not use most apps in future as well. So, go to your phone’s settings and navigate to apps. Then, select all the unused and unwanted applications and uninstall them to welcome the useful ones!

Take help from smart storage 

This is an advanced feature that was first introduced on Android 8. Smart Storage feature can delete all backed-up photos and videos from your smartphone automatically. The files can be accessed on the cloud without saving them on the phone’s memory. For this, just access your phone’s settings and go to the storage. Then, turn on the smart storage manager; leave the rest in this intuitive feature as it will manage all miscellaneous files and content itself.

Clean up MicroSD card

External MicroSD cards can be helpful for you as it provides you with significant phone storage. But, you should not fill the SD card with unneccasry files.  If you are using the MicroSD card as your primary memory option, you should keep considerable amount of space left in it to use in urgent situations. Agreed? If so, click on the file manager app, long press on the unwanted files and apps. Then click on the more icon, and select delete..

Backup files to another location

When you are done with all the above-discussed tricks, tips, and options but all in vain, the last thing we have to suggest to you is to convert all your necessary, imporatnt, and useful data to another safe device or location and remove it from your phone to make space. For instance, a laptop or a personal computer is the best option for this. So just connect your Android to your laptop and use it as the saving device for your data.


Here, in this article, we see different techniques for how to empty trash on Android.We hope aour content helped you find answers and if you still have concerns, please let us know them via a comment. Cheers!

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