Samsung Remote Not Working? [REASONS and SOLUTIONS]

samsung remote not working

When our Samsung remote stops working, inevitably we bound to face a difficult time. When individuals get home from work and try to change the channels on the television, if the remote does not work how would be the feeling? It is obvious for you to think that why my Samsung remote is not working. We have found the reasons and fixes for this after investigating this issue closely. Let’s have an insight into it.

Why Samsung remote is not working?

There can be various reasons why your Samsung remote is not working, ranging from obvious to non-obvious reasons. The most common reasons could be a battery issue, physical damage, pairing issues or some buttons not working. You can fix your remote at home once you figure out the exact problem.

Fortunately, there are a number of options to consider before tossing your remote into the garbage. Continue reading to learn how to fix a Samsung Smart TV remote that isn’t working.

Samsung remote is not working? Reasons and Fixes

Check the batteries

If you’re having trouble with your remote control, the issue could be with the batteries. The first thing you should do is to check if the batteries are not displaced. If the batteries are placed properly, then remove both batteries from the remote’s battery box on the rear.

The remote will not work correctly if the batteries are low. When this happens the remote usually doesn’t stop working right away, but you could notice that you have to press the buttons 2-3 times before it responds.

Replace the old batteries with fresh ones and test whether or not your remote works with the fresh batteries. Make sure to insert the batteries properly. If your remote works with the new batteries, then the problem was with the old or the dead batteries. Continue using the new batteries.

Make sure the remote is paired

Sometimes your remote doesn’t get paired with your TV. If you’re not sure why your remote isn’t working and the batteries aren’t the problem, check to see if it’s still paired to the TV. In the world of technology, problems like these can occur. For roughly 5 seconds, press and hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons. The Smart Remote will begin to sync with your TV.

Check your network

This is a smart place to start because your Smart TV remote will never work properly if you don’t have a good Internet connection. Plus, it never hurts to plug stuff in and out, so give it a shot before move on to the next step.

Test your remote with a digital camera

When you have good batteries, you can test them with a digital camera by pressing the buttons and directing the camera towards the infrared led. If the remote is operating, you should see a red light. When there is no such light, it could be you are dealing with a dead remote. If the remote works after the above test, the issue is with the remote sensor on the TV.

Clean the sensor

This method is completely free and simple to apply. Also, way easier than you think. Simply blow on the sensor’s terminals and the connection that connects to the board; they may become dusty and stop receiving the signal. You can do the same thing with your remote’s sensor to ensure it’s clean and ready to use.

Inspect the beam

Examine the front of your remote control for the infrared beam transmitter. Remove any dust or filth from the infrared beam receptor on the television. Make sure the area is devoid of anything that could interfere with the beam.

Clean the buttons

Occasionally, some of the remote’s buttons will not work. It could be because the buttons are frequently sticky as a result of dirt buildup over time; as well as because individuals sometimes use the buttons recklessly with sticky hands. So to get rid of the dirt accumulated; you need to open the cover of your remote to perform this task.

To fix a remote, you don’t need to be an expert in electronic repairs. Remove the screws first and carefully store them somewhere safe, so you don’t lose them. You must open the case with care to avoid breaking it. After you’ve opened the case, carefully remove the rubber pad of buttons and wash it. Use an old toothbrush to clean the buttonholes and buttons and let it air dry for about an hour to dry it properly before reinstalling it.

Inspect the circuit board

 We frequently drop remote controls on the floor, causing the circuit board joints to break. It could be the cause of your remote control malfunctioning. If so is the case with you, examine your circuit board under good light with a magnifying lens to see anything wrong or anything that looks out of order.

Look if anything is burned or it has battery acid that leaked. If everything looks normal, then look close to the larger solder joints. If you see a little hairline crack in it, then that’s the definite clue. Just heat up a soldering iron and tag each joint, including battery terminals. After that, fully assemble the remote and check if it works properly or not.


Samsung’s smart TV remotes provide a plethora of convenience, so the frustration is pretty much understandable when they break down. As you read, non of these methods require much of expertise knowledge to try. All you have to do is be delicate with the processes. 

If none of the preceding alternatives have worked and your TV is fully unresponsive to the remote, it is likely that there is a hardware issue. It’s possible that the problem is with your television as well. Consider borrowing a friend’s or family member’s Samsung Smart TV remote to ensure yours isn’t broken before spending money on a replacement.

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