Why is YouTube so slow | Quick Fix Tips

Why is YouTube so slow

“Why is youtube so slow? If that is what you are wondering, it can be due to several reasons that we will explore reading this article”

Steve, Chad, and Jawed launched YouTube in February 2005 as a video-sharing internet platform. After six months of online presence, YouTube had well over two million daily visitors. Google saw the project’s potential and bought it for $1.65 billion in 2006, turning it into US$170 billion in 2020.

YouTube provides the best experience possible. Whether we admit it or not, we can’t stop ourselves from browsing for videos on YouTube. This streaming platform has also become our go-to destination if we want to be entertained or educated.

Its broad selection of video categories to stream makes it more addictive, and we often don’t realize we’ve been watching it for hours. Unfortunately, YouTube’s servers are frequently overburdened, causing loading times to be slow and lengthy, which is annoying for our binge-watching sessions.

If you are wondering, Why is youtube so slow, this is the place you get answers. 

Working algorithm of youtube

why is YouTube so slow? Before we can figure it out, we must first comprehend the YouTube algorithm to understand better the various issues we encounter on our beloved platform.

YouTube algorithm is a “real-time feedback mechanism that tailors content to each viewer’s distinct interests.” Two main objectives are to pick the best video for each user and make them watch for as long as possible. As a result, the algorithm keeps a careful eye on user behaviour as well as video performance.

Due to various variables, two individuals searching for identical videos with exact duplicate titles may get different results. As a result, YouTube rewarded YouTubers for the number of clicks on their videos for the first seven years. Still, later in 2012, the platform announced an update to the system that would reward YouTubers for the videos that people want to watch by measuring the time spent watching those videos ads between content, ensuring advertisers’ value on the platform.

Why is YouTube So Slow? Reasons and Fixes 

Internet Connection

A slow internet connection is the most likely cause of your delayed YouTube experience. The inability to quickly collect data packets from the server affects a seamless video streaming experience. However, the issue isn’t always with the internet connection. Aside from this, we may run into matters unrelated to this issue. Stats for Nerds is a YouTube tube statistics tool that displays detailed information about your internet connection speed and status. It can assist in finding the source of the issue if it is related to an internet connection.

Browsers Cache

The first time you load Youtube in the browser, everything is cached to load it faster the next time, which causes the browser to keep an excessive amount of temporary data, which may cause YouTube’s sluggishness.

Server Overload

Why is YouTube so slow? Without having any issues either with the internet connection or browser cache. Server Overload might be the issue. If everyone suddenly started flooding towards YouTube, it means the service was overburdened, and it had nothing to do with you. If your internet works fine on sites other than YouTube, the problem is undoubtedly in the youtube server.

In no time, the server becomes unresponsive. So then, if there is something you want to see, you can try watching videos at a lower quality than usual or wait for YouTube to address the issue.

How to Fix Slow YouTube

  • Clear your cache 

Depending on whatever browser you’re using, the process for cleaning cache varies. If you need to clear the cache on Google Chrome, for example, go to the Hamburger menu (three dots menu) in the right corner and seek the additional tools option in the drop-down menu. Selecting the clear browsing option from there will bring up a window where you can erase the cache. Thus, you may speed up your YouTube experience by clearing your cache and other temporary files from your browser.

  • Changing Video Quality

YouTube automatically adjusts the quality of the videos using Auto mode. However, you can also manually adjust the video quality. To test if this addresses the problem, try playing videos at a lower quality setting. Then, click the Settings button (bottom-right corner To change the video quality), and select “Quality.”

  • Irrelevant Opened Tabs and Windows 

If you open many tabs, your device will consume more resources, and YouTube might slow down; however, Closing all open tabs except the one with YouTube may be enough to solve your problem.

  • YouTube Premium

YouTube’s business model runs on ad revenue; thus, users might want to opt out of seeing such non-skippable advertisements. Users on the Premium Platform also have the option of downloading videos for offline viewing. So it might be worth it to pay $12 a month to get videos instead of waiting for the video to load online.

With the quick fix listed above, you should resolve the YouTube performance issue because Buffering or a playback problem are the last things you want to deal with over your spare time to watching YouTube.


Even though YouTube is the best online video sharing service, it outperforms its competitors significantly. It may encounter difficulties for a variety of reasons detailed on this page. However, Google’s YouTube staff of 10,000 people is working around the clock to provide a flawless experience for everyone, regardless of age.  

We discussed why YouTube is so slow and what you can do to speed it up. YouTube may potentially experience a slowdown for a variety of reasons not addressed in this article. So, to come up with a solution, you must first comprehend the problem. Once you have a clear understanding of the problem, you may be able to eliminate it.

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