Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon? [A Comprehensive guide]

Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon

With its corporate motto of selling items from A to Z, is the leader in online shopping. It is selling to millions of consumers directly or acting as a middle man for them and merchants. You may get surprised to learn that the most popular online shopping destination is not accepting all forms of payment options. So, can you use Apple Pay on Amazon? No is the straightforward answer to it, but we are here today for the alternatives.

There is another method to shop at Amazon, by using the “Apple Card.” We have written a complete guideline to help you understand the alternative.

Know the Difference before looking up “Can you use Apple Pay on Amazon” 


It is essential to understand the payment technologies developed by Apply to use them in the proper way. Three main payment-related terms are usually associated with Apple. As described above, Apple pay is not acceptable at amazon.


Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is similar to Google and Samsung Pay. It allows users to make payments while on the go using their iPhones. You may add your debit and credit cards details securely into the Apple Pay and use them to make payments. Unfortunately, though Amazon does not accept Apple Pay.

Apple Cash 

Apple Cash is a convenient and safe method to pay using your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. It’s an Apple Pay-enabled service that allows you to send and receive payments over iMessage. You can use it if you meet their requirements. Since it is also related to Apple Pay, users cannot use it to purchase Amazon.

Note: For US residents and above 18, you can only use Apple Cash.

Apple Card 

The Apple Card works similarly to a bank card. Goldman Sachs Bank USA and MasterCard back it, So it may get used just like any other credit card at most businesses, including Amazon.

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How to get an Apple card – if you don’t have one 

If you have an Apple card, you can skip section of the article. For those who are looking to get an Apple Card , it is a straightforward process. If you fulfill the essential age requirement of an Apple Card, you can directly apply from your iPhone. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • On your iPhone, launch the Wallet Application.
  • Press the “+” icon from the upper right corner and select “Apple Card” from the drop-down menu.
  • Do read the prices, terms, and conditions and continue to the next window.
  • Fill out the details, your legal name, date of birth, email & phone number.
  • After filling out all the information, Apple will display the credit card limit, annual percentage charges, and fees.

You can see your Credit Card details in the wallet application when Apple has evaluated and approved your information. Users can request a complimentary free Titanium Apple Card within the wallet app, which will get mailed to them.

Benefits of Apple Card

Since its launch,  Apple Card has come a long way. It comes to you with several benefits. We have listed a few for your observation below.

  • Users who use the Apple Card to buy anything from the Apple Store, iTunes, the App Store, or subscriptions like Apple Music or iCloud earn 3% back in “Daily Cash.”
  • The Wallet app connects to a card designed to help pay down the debt and see where you are spending the money.
  • Apple Card’s privacy-focused features make it an appealing option.

How to Use an Apple card for Payments – if you already have it

So, we think now you know the answer to the question of, “can you use Apple Pay on Amazon?” If you already have an Apple card or it has just arrived by following the above furnished details, we can now set up the Apple Card for payment.

How to Setup Apple card on Amazon

Since Amazon accepts Apple cards, users can input credit or debit card information the same way they enter with any other credit or debit card. It gets accomplished by entering the Apple Card number during checkout. To start using the Apple card on Amazon, follow the steps below

  1. Go to and login into your account.
  2. From the Accounts and lists under your name on the top-right menu, click your account label.
  3. Now set up the payment method by selecting the payment options under the titles of “Ordering and Shopping preference.”
  4. Then, add the credit card by selecting the label “Add your card.” iPhone might ask for permission if you have face ID or fingerprint ID enabled.
  5. The Card can also get added while checking out directly and adding the information before the confirmation of order.

Monitoring your Apple Card 

After making some purchases, the you might want to check their transactions, balance, and other information. If so, open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the image to activate the Apple Card if it isn’t already active. You will see current balance, recent transactions, and other information on the screen.


Apple Pay is simple to use and works with all of your Apple devices. It makes secure contactless payments in stores, apps, and the online, considering current Covid circumstances. Apple Pay is a safer and easier method to pay than using an actual card. Since Apple Cash is available on Amazon, users may use their Apple Card to make purchases there. Even If they don’t already have it, we have provided a detailed report on how to get your Apple Card. Not only Amazon but Apple Card accepted in most stores in the USA.


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