Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android?

Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android

Do you remember when the post office delivered the mail? These experiences were priceless, but the current situation is much different. While the content you communicate remains the same, the medium has evolved. It saves you both time and effort. Text messages through cellular SMS get utilized to transmit communications before the emergence of social media. Despite the introduction of the FAX, SMS texts were the most prevalent. Receiving duplicate messages on your Android phone may be pretty inconvenient, especially if you anticipate an essential communication from someone and a previously seen less critical message is upsetting your peace. Many Android users are puzzled; Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android?

This article will explain why duplicate text messages occur on your Android smartphone and how you may prevent this from happening again.

Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android?

Multiple copies of your text messages may get received due to an inconsistent connection between your mobile network and phone. Your phone may take several tries to send texts. It may result in numerous copies of a message.

Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android? The three most prevalent causes of duplicate messages on Android are as follows.

Error in the Message App

If your messaging App is damaged or contains flaws, duplicate text messages may get delivered. Check that your messaging App is functioning correctly.

Weak Network

The communication might have got transmitted to a lousy network by the sender. The message may not get returned if the network has difficulty delivering it to the phone. It is the primary cause of duplicate messages on people’s phones.

Transfer speed

Duplicate SMS on your Android phone might get caused by upload speed.

If you receive multiple messages, the network is most likely back up and running most of the time.

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Text Messages on Android Error

We’ve covered the most common causes and solutions for receiving duplicate text messages on Android. To resolve the problem, do all of the steps listed below.

Reboot your phone

Hold down the start button on your phone for 10 seconds to reboot (power cycle). Your programs will load once you reboot. Your phone will re-authenticate to the mobile network; perhaps regaining network access authorization will resolve your issue.

Clear Mobile cache

Multiple notifications may get delivered if the program settings are wrong. Clearing the cache removes all cache files and resets the App’s settings to factory defaults. To remove the cache from your Android phone’s messaging App, follow these instructions.

Navigate to the settings menu.

  1. Go to Apps.
  2. Select Manage Apps.
  3. Look for App messages.
  4. Select Clear defaults

Area of Low Coverage

Another reason you could be receiving several messages is if you or the sender are in a location with insufficient coverage. It suggests that the phones frequently disconnect from the network.

If you get a message from someone, it may be re-delivered to you after reconnecting to the network. Change your location to get a better coverage area.

Two Messaging App

You may not realize it, but you may be using two separate messaging applications on your Android phone. Every Android phone comes standard with a texting app. There are, however, alternative third-party testing programs available. You may quickly obtain them from the Google Play Store.

Google suggests utilizing its own ‘Messages’ App for conversation. If any of your family or friends who use your phone have installed a second texting app, you could face problems. Consequently, when you get a message on your phone, you’ll get two notifications with identical messages.

SIM Card

The issue may get connected to the SIM card. If the SIM card is out of service, it may have trouble receiving optimal coverage. As a result, you should try switching SIM cards to see if it addresses the problem.

Updating Phone

Your Android phone will generally receive software upgrades regularly; the manufacturer adds many new features via upgrades. They will address any flaws or defects found in the current software version. It is good to wait a few days for the next update if you discover duplicate messages after upgrading to a new version.

Conversation and Contact

You can delete any no longer active chats or connections which may have a corrupted or altered contact from your phone due to a software issue or a system upgrade. You may completely delete the bothersome contacts and conversation threads (sender, receiver). Then, manually send your message by typing the recipient’s phone number into the keypad on your phone. In most cases, this solved the issue for many users.

Factory Reset

Still, if your issue of “Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android?” We suggest one more fix. To proceed with this solution, you need to take careful steps. Because when you reset your phone to factory settings, everything on your phone gets erased. It will also function as a fresh new phone. As a result, you may lose a significant amount of your valuable data in the process.

Nonetheless, there are several methods to prepare for this ahead of time. If you have tried all of the above techniques and can still resolve to receive duplicate messages on your Android phone, you can attempt a factory reset. It is now straightforward to reset your phone. However, because this operation will erase all of the data on your phone, you should make a backup before proceeding with the factory reset.

Take away

Errors can be annoying and may cause problems in your daily workflow. Most duplicate messages on Android phones are caused either by network issues or message app errors. Follow the method mentioned above to fix the problem, and you’ll be fine. If you have tried all other methods that fail to work, you can use the factory reset method after backing up your data.


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