What Happens When You Block A Number On Android?

What happens when you block a number on Android?

Android is used on 70% of all smartphones globally. Today Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes due to their never-ending features. Companies use text messages and automated phone calls to convey advertisements to customers. Constant calls and messages might be irritating to some people. You could find yourself in a situation where you need to utilize the block option on your phone. You can regain control of your mind by blocking someone you don’t like. What happens when you block a number on Android?

This guide will teach you everything there is to know about blocking a phone number.

On Android, how do you block a phone number?

All Android phones can block calls and texts, you may prevent any number from getting calls by blocking it. Incoming calls will get sent to voicemail. Text messages sent from banned numbers get treated the same way.

As previously said, there are several reasons to prohibit a phone number from contacting you. This guide will walk you through how to block phone numbers on your Android phone step by step. Before going on to What happens when you block a number on Android? Let us see how to block someone.

Follow these steps, and they may vary depending on the model. You may always try another technique if one doesn’t work with your phone.

Block someone from Calling you

Nearly all Android phones come with a phone application. Open the app and click on the three dots menu to access different features in your phone app. Tap “Block a Number” This option will allow you to add the number you wish to prevent contacting you. Once you have entered the number and complete the on-screen options, that person cannot reach you by phone.

Block someone from Messaging you

You may also stop someone from texting you in this manner. On your Android phone, open the Messages app. Find the text or chat you had with the person and from the three dots menu in the app, select Block number. As a result, the contact can no longer be able to send you messages anymore. To discover the block option, go to your phone’s settings.

What Happens When You Block A Number On Android?

So, to answer, What happens when you block a number on Android? We can have two scenarios.

If someone blocked you

If someone has blocked you, you’ll only hear one ring while trying to call them before being sent to voicemail. A strange ring pattern does not always imply that your phone number is banned. It might simply indicate that the person is on the phone with someone else at the exact moment when you’re calling or that the phone has got turned off, and you get redirected to voicemail.

If you block someone

When you block someone, they do not get any notifications. Blocking someone does not prevent them from contacting you through text or phone. They can still call you, but your phone won’t ring, and all incoming calls will get sent to voicemail.

The caller will be able to hear the call progress before they get redirected to the voicemail. They will not receive a text message with a “Delivered notification” and a timestamp, and you will not receive their messages.

How to tell if someone blocked your number

While no notifications will go to those you have blocked from calling you, some hints and signs could get used to provide strong evidence that you did so.

After sending text messages, you should usually receive a delivery confirmation. You will be provided with a drop-down menu if you press and hold on to the letter; sliding down on it will reveal ‘more,’ which you may tap to obtain details on the message’s status and delivery confirmation. The delivery confirmation will not get sent to the person you have banned. If they’re savvy enough to go through the above steps and discover the message status, they won’t see the delivery confirmation there, leading them to believe you’ve blocked them.

They might also phone you to find out whether you’ve blocked them. After a few beeps, the caller will be sent to voice mail or hear a pre-recorded message. If this repeats several times, then it means that someone got blocked.

Third-party applications for blocking and determining whether blocked contact contracted you

Although there are no means to find out this information from your phone, certain apps may indicate someone from the Blacklist has tried to contact you.

Call blacklist (Android)

This application will allow you to determine if you have received a call from that number. It’s a free app with ads that can get used to blocking specific phone numbers or unknown numbers.

This program is also available in a premium edition. You may create a password, eliminate advertising, and activate call filtering on a weekly schedule using Blacklist Pro call, which costs about 1.99 EUR.

True caller

It’s also a free app with premium features that may get purchased within the app. It has two main screens: Blacklist, which allows you to add numbers to the Blacklist, and Blocked calls, which shows the automatically filtered call record.

Call control-Call blocker

Similar to other apps, it features to allow you to manually block numbers or set up a schedule with days and hours. Getting to the secured call log area is simple: hit the symbol in the upper left corner and choose Call log locked to view a list of banned phone numbers that have attempted to contact you.

Final Words

So now you know everything there is to know about banning numbers on Android phones. As previously stated, the procedure of the blocking feature may change between phone models. It’s now up to you to determine when to use this feature.

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