How To Change DHCP Lease Time Windows 10?

how to change DHCP lease time windows 10

The Internet Service Provider assigns each machine an IP address. Depending on your network and Internet Service Provider settings, it might be static or dynamic. If you have a dynamic IP configuration, each device’s IP gets changed at a specified period. The router’s DHCP server handles it. In most cases, the time between IP address renewal and expiration is 24 hours or 1440 minutes. Customers may, however, occasionally encounter network issues, such as repeated disconnections from an active server. Since the server may require a permanent IP address, the router’s DHCP settings may be renewing the IP address more frequently. So, how to change the DHCP lease time in Windows 10? to extend the lease term to maintain a more reliable connection with the distant server.

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Understanding DHCP lease time (Example Included)

The IP address assigned by DHCP expires after 24 hours lease period. The best part about a DHCP lease is that the same IP address does not stay on a device indefinitely and may be reused by other devices as needed.

Before seeing how to change the DHCP lease time in Windows 10? Let’s look at an example to help you better understand the DHCP

Computer A and computer get connected on a network, and a DHCP server provides IP addresses to each of them. You opt to use computer C instead of computer B the following time.

If the IP address is static, only machine B will utilize a specific IP address, wasting valuable resources. However, because the DHCP lease period has expired, computer B’s IP address can now get allocated to computer C or any other network device. It is an essential advantage of having a DHCP lease time.

Why renew the DHCP lease?

Network communications can get disrupted by problems that may arise during lease renewal and lease assignment. The IP address may become invalid if the server is unavailable or cannot get reached before the Lease expires. It could cause the computer to use an alternate IP address configuration to create an alternate address. Most cases have settings that are not appropriate and can prevent communication. This problem can get solved by releasing and renewing the DHCP lease.

For example, Users might move between offices or subnets in the company. Their computers may get DHCP settings from an incorrect server even though they move around from one location to another. Users might notice a slowdown in their computers when they return to their offices. It is a sign that you need to terminate the DHCP lease and renew it.

How to view the DHCP lease time

Open the Command Prompt or PowerShell on your Windows 10 PC to see your DHCP lease time. Then execute the ipconfig /all command. The ipconfig /all function displays extensive information about all your Windows 10 PC network devices, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapters. Find the one that connects you to your local network and the internet.

The value of the Lease Obtained indicates when the DHCP lease period began. In other words, it refers to the time when your Windows 10 PC acquired its IP address from the router via DHCP.

Default lease time on Windows

Look for “Lease Obtained” and “Lease Expired” in Windows 10 from the screen that displays after executing the ipconfig /all command to learn about the default lease time. The default DHCP lease period will be the difference between the two values. The DHCP lease term might range from 24 to 48 hours, depending on your network’s setup.

How to change DHCP lease time windows 10?

There are two ways to respond to this question of How to change DHCP lease time windows 10? Either the router or the DHCP server can get used. We’ll go over how to modify the lease time in each of these ways so you can pick the one that best matches your needs.

How to change DHCP lease time Windows 10 (Via Router)

We’ll use this approach to configure the DHCP Lease time via the router interface. On Windows 10, there is no native interface via which you may change these settings. The server controls these parameters, and your machine is a client. However, as previously said, you may use the command prompt to view your current IP address and time.

Step 1: Type the router’s IP address, which is generally but can also get found on the back of your router. The router’s interface will now be available to you.

Step 2: By inputting the IP address of your router, you may log in to it.

Step 3: To input the required lease time, navigate to the DHCP settings. Your router may reset once you’ve made the changes, which generally takes a few seconds. Enter the command prompt after that and check to see whether the IP lease time has changed.

How to Change DHCP Lease Time Windows 10 (Via DHCP Server)

You can change the DHCP lease time if you have a dedicated DHCP server that allocates IP addresses and other default network parameters. Take the actions outlined below.

  • To launch the Run dialog box, press the windows and R keys together


  • Go to the ” Properties” tab of the ” DHCP scope” for you want to change the lease length
  • Change the “Limited to” field to a new lease time and click OK to save your changes

After completing all of the steps, restart your computer to see whether the DHCP lease time has changed.

Bottom line

Use this guide to improve the performance of your DHCP server. The DHCP lease time determines a device’s temporary IP address. You can access your DHCP server using your router or the client installed on your PC if you want to extend or reduce this time.

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