How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung?

How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung?

When you mistakenly erase some text messages from your Samsung phone, it is undoubtedly irritating, if not upsetting. Those texts you sent with loved ones over the last few months or years have vanished. So you’ve got a few queries, including How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung devices?.

But don’t worry, since we’re going to discuss with you numerous different recovery strategies today. Whenever you delete a text message from your Samsung mobile, it does not move to the recycling bin. As a result, it gets retrieved if new data have not overwritten the news. Because Samsung smartphones, unlike PCs, do not have a recycling bin but are designated as worthless data.

Why Are Text Messages Deleted On Samsung?

There are some common reasons why messages got deleted, and now you googling about How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung are:

  1. Accidental deletion: You’re merely looking through your messages, perhaps to get rid of those bothersome spam text messages, but oh no, you just deleted a crucial text message, maybe the assignment guidelines? Or else something more critical.
  2. Reformatting: You may need to reformat your phone for a variety of reasons. You backed up your contacts, photographs, and other data, but you realized you forgot about your messages as you pressed the button.
  3. Broken phone: Anyone can have a broken phone, or it might be minor scratches here and there, body scratches, or that flickering screen. However, this time the damage has been done to the data on your Samsung device, and you’ve noticed that you have fewer messages than you did yesterday, despite not deleting anything in the preceding couple of days.

How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung

There are several methods for How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Samsung? Text messages get saved on your phone’s internal flash memory, similar to storing data on a hard drive. These deleted text messages get not erased when you delete or clear your SMS inbox; they are still present but inaccessible. When data loss occurs, you must take steps to ensure that new data do not replace the lost Samsung text messages. Specifically, you need IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF wireless/mobile data on your Samsung phone and DO NOT USE the phone, then use a professional SMS recovery application to recover deleted text messages from your Samsung phone.

Retrieving Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Cloud

Every Samsung smartphone comes with a built-in internet backup solution called Samsung Cloud. This application allows you to back up your data, including media files, contacts, applications, and app-related information, and restore it at any time. However, before deleting your text messages, you should have backed up your smartphone to the Samsung Cloud. Check to see if you’ve done so, and if so, proceed with the instructions below.

  1. Go to “Settings->Accounts and backup” on your Samsung phone.
  2. Go to “Samsung Cloud,” from the drop-down option, choose “Restore Data.”
  3. As the “BACKUP Smartphone,” choose your Samsung device.
  4. Choose “Messages” from the “BACKUP DATA” drop-down menu.
  5. Select “Restore” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Samsung Cloud allows you to recover lost texts from your phone.

Restore Your Messages via Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch, like Samsung Cloud, is a backup tool that got created to back up your old Samsung smartphone and restore the data to a new one. Congratulations if you’ve created a backup! Smart Switch makes restoring your messages and other data a breeze.

  • On your computer, download and install the Samsung Smart Switch.
  • You should have backed up your device to Google Drive before your data loss to use this technique effectively
  • To provide access rights, tap “Allow” on your Samsung smartphone.
  • On your PC, open Samsung Smart Switch.
  • Select “Restore” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “Select your backup data” from the drop-down menu.
  • As the recovery file type, choose “Messages.”
  • “OK” should be selected.
  • Select “Restore Now” from the drop-down menu.
  • When the data transmission is complete, click “OK.” Your deleted texts will now be available on your phone.

Retrieving Deleted Text Messages from Google Drive

You should have backed up your device to Google Drive before your data loss to move forward with this approach.

  • Go to “Settings-> Accounts and backup -> Backup and restore” under the “Accounts and backup -> Backup and restore” menu.
  • By pressing on Google Account, under the Google account area, see if you can discover a Google Drive backup generated before the data loss.
  • If you locate one, you can recover the erased messages by restoring it.

Recovering Deleted Text Messages Without Backup

Did you aware that your mobile service providers or carriers store copies of your personal information on their servers? It means they have a copy of every text message you send and receive, including the ones you delete. However, it does sound a little terrifying. But, on the bright side, this is also why you can recover lost text messages on Android; there’s always a silver lining! Notifications can get retrieved through your service provider in the following ways:

  • To begin, go onto your service provider’s website and navigate to the message area. Most of the time, you’ll be able to access all of your messages from the prior payment month.
  • Instead, contact your customer support service if you’re having problems. They’ll take care of all the heavy lifting.

Bonus Tip:  if you find none of the above options useful, you can do it by using third-party applications from the PlayStore.

Final Thoughts

When you lose important text messages by accident, you may retrieve them with Samsung Cloud, Google Drive, Smart Switch, or other third-party data recovery programs. You may even ask your service provider for them. Taking frequent backups of your smartphone, on the other hand, is the simplest and best way to prevent your texts from being lost again. Nobody likes to lose data by mistake, yet you never know when something unexpected will happen.

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