How To Upload iMovie To YouTube From Different Devices

how to upload imovie to youtube

YouTube is extremely popular all around the world. Many macOS users choose to post iMovie-edited films to this platform. But how to upload iMovie to youtube? Don’t worry. This guide will show you how to export from iMovie to YouTube using the iOS app, share your work, and publish it to YouTube using the Mac program.

How To Upload iMovie to YouTube

Apple’s iMovie is the most powerful video editing application for macOS.  As a result, you can guarantee an exceptional user experience while using it to edit videos. But, people will not create a video, save it privately. No, they want to share the film they made by uploading it online, mainly on YouTube.

You can effortlessly upload your movies to YouTube from your iMovie project library. So, without further ado, let’s get started with how to upload iMovie to YouTube

How To Upload iMovie to YouTube On Mac

Follow these steps to upload iMovie to youtube using Mac:

  1. Start iMovie. You may find the software by searching for it in Spotlight or by heading to your Applications folder.
  2. Locate the project you want to upload to YouTube. Before uploading a video, it’s usually a good idea to edit it first.
  3. In iMovie, click the export icon in the upper right corner. A list of apps will appear in the drop-down menu. Choose YouTube to post your video to the site directly. You may adjust the title, summary, tags, quality, category, and privacy settings in a pop-up box. After you’ve made your selections, click the “Next…” button at the bottom.
  4. The terms of service will appear, and you must read, understand, and accept before clicking “Publish.”

Your video will be successfully posted to YouTube and will be available for viewing by your visitors. To see the clip on your Youtube page, click “Visit” in the top-right corner of your laptop screen.

Alternate Method On How To Upload iMovie to YouTube

Apple discontinued the “straight upload to YouTube” capability in some versions due to the unreliability of this functionality. So you won’t be able to post to YouTube using the iMovie app immediately. However, the procedure is still simple.

  1. Go to YouTube Studio and sign in.
  2. Click CREATE, followed by Upload video.
  3. To upload, select the file you saved on your device. Then follow the instructions.

How To Upload iMovie to YouTube – On iPhone or iPad

iMovie does not get installed by default on your iPhone or iPad, but you can get it free from the Apple App Store. The file size is relatively large, so ensure you have adequate storage on your phone and are connected to Wi-Fi when downloading unless you have a high data plan. You can use iMovie on your iPad and iPhone to make and edit clips, then publish them to YouTube.

Let’s look at how to upload iMovie to youtube using an iPhone.

Select the projects in the iMovie application. Click the Share option. Now you have two choices available: If you have a Mac, you may AirDrop or email it to yourself, then use the procedures above to post it to YouTube from your Mac.

 If you saved the video to your iPhone or iPad, you could launch the YouTube app. And then press the (+) button. And then choose Upload a video. Pick the video you saved, and then follow the on-screen directions.

Why Isn’t My Imovie Uploading To Youtube?

It is annoying when you are unable to publish your video from iMovie to YouTube. Here are the most common reasons why you can’t publish your iMovie video to YouTube.

Your Video Is Too Large

All of this boils down to account registration. Your video duration is limited to 15 minutes if your account is not validated. However, if your Google account is validated, you will be allowed to upload files up to 12 hours in duration or 128GB in size. The smaller the file size, the shorter the video length.

Reduce the amount of dead air and long intros and outros. Stick to the heart of your material to create more concise but relevant films for your FOLLOWERS TO WATCH.

Internet Connection

A quicker upload speed is required to upload YouTube videos efficiently and to create live streams. The faster your upload speed, the more dependable your uploads. You might try using ethernet cables to connect your device directly to the Wi-Fi network; This speeds up posting videos from iMovie to YouTube.

iMovie is Slow

Most likely, iMovie got used in conjunction with other apps that compete for RAM. To clean memory and storage space, close all programs and use a tool like CleanMyMac.

If you’ve tried closing all apps and it’s still sluggish, it’s most probable that your computer isn’t capable of running iMovie.

The Video Format Is Incompatible

iMovie exported movies are not fully compatible with YouTube. iMovie videos are often in.M4V format, but YouTube only supports.MP4. The solution is straightforward. We only need to change the video format ahead of time.

How to Convert iMovie Video Format for Uploading to YouTube?

If you wish to post a clip using iMovie to YouTube but it fails to publish due to video format, you may quickly convert the format of your video. There are two methods for converting a video clip. You have two options: install a video converter on your Mac PC or utilize free web converters. Most video converter programs are typically paid and need you to install the app first.

We recommend downloading and installing the Handbrake program for Mac. It’s typically free, and the installation process is simple.

Final Thoughts

Apple iMovie contains superb capabilities for media management, color grading, speed, green-screen techniques, narration, and music. You may use iMovie to turn clips into movies and create unique, seamless video content for social media platforms like YouTube. It is accessible on all of Apple’s gadgets. If you’ve run into the iMovie movie uploading to YouTube error, we hope the solutions above helped resolve your problem.


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