How To Add Music To Facebook Story – 2022 Guide

How To Add Music To Facebook Story

Everyone wants to increase the number of followers on their social media accounts by making them more exciting and active, especially if they have a public presence. Including music in your story is a terrific approach to pique your audience’s attention and encourage them to watch your material. Even though Facebook introduced this function later than other social media sites, it is still entertaining and helpful. Music may get added to any Facebook story, including videos and photos. But, How To Add Music To Facebook Story?

There are two ways to add music to a Facebook story, and we’ll go through both in this post. Continue reading to learn how to use great music in your Facebook story.

Facebook Social Media Giant – Features

One of the most extensively utilized social media networks is Facebook. Facebook marketing is a popular way for businesses to reach out to and connect with their target consumers. While the social networking site has added a slew of additional features over the years, its primary goal has remained the same.

Friendships may be made with people from all over the world and may get used to posting photographs and videos. You may either add music to your photo or video or create a separate music Story. There’s a lot to discover.

We won’t keep you waiting much longer if you already know most of the functions and are merely interested in learning How To Add Music To Facebook Story.

Note: There aren’t nearly as many Story features on Facebook’s desktop version. You can share Stories and add text to them on the PC, but music and GIFs are not supported. As a result, you’ll need to bring your phone.

How To Add Music To Facebook Story – Steps

music may be added to any Facebook story, including videos and photos. To get started with How To Add Music To Facebook Story, follow the below guide

App’s Built-In Audio Library – Music post – Steps

  • Step 1#: On your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, open the Facebook app and click the label “Create a Story” or “Add to Story” at the top of the newsfeed.
  • Step 2#: To begin a blank post with music, pick “Music.” at the top of the screen.

Note: You may also select a photo or video from your camera roll and afterward add music.

  • Step#3: This will bring up a list of music alternatives right away. You can browse the collection or pick a genre that interests you. Alternatively, you may choose from the featured tracks or search for a song using the search field. The most popular songs will appear first, and you may also select music from a category.
  • Step#4: When you select music on Facebook, it will immediately upload that song. You may alter the color of the backdrop and add whatever effect you like. Select the colored dot at the top to change the backdrop color, or tap the “Effect” option in the lower-left corner to change the filter.
  • Step#5: Select “Lyrics” from the drop-down menu. Select a part of the music using the sound wave bar at the bottom, then change the bar to the portion of the song you wish to showcase and its length

Note: It will begin amid the chorus by default, and you may also change the snippet’s length.

  • Step#5: You may customize the display even further by touching on the circular choices above the music sample. When you finish, click “Done.”
  • Step#6: Finally, choose “Share to Story” from the drop-down menu. When your pals touch on your narrative, they’ll be able to hear what you’re listening to

App’s Built-In Audio Library – Normal post With Music – Steps

You’ll need to take an extra step to add your video or photo to your tale, along with the music.

  • Step #1: Select “Create story label” using the outlined instructions.
  • Step#2: Select a photo from your camera roll or select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Tapping this symbol will provide Facebook access to your camera, allowing you to take a new photo or video for your story.

  • Step3#: Once it’s up and running, hit the sticker button in the upper right corner of the screen, then follow the same steps to add music from the built-in library.
  • Step #4: Once you’ve completed it, share it with your pals to let them know how you’re feeling or what you’re listening to right now.

With the help of Facebook Stories, you can now share all of your favorite tunes with your friends and family on Facebook.

Tip: If you have Spotify, you may also publish albums, playlists, or songs directly to your Facebook Stories, albeit the audio will only be 15 seconds long.

Music Tracks

there are generally two types of music you can add

  • Use the app’s built-in audio library to add music to a Facebook story, as shown above
  • Customize your Facebook Story with your music and voiceover

You may add unique music or voiceovers to your Facebook stories using an online video editor. The procedure may be challenging for others because you must update your tale outside of Facebook and then post it directly to Facebook. Some of the popular websites are

Bottom Line

The Facebook Sound Collection got introduced as an attractive feature due to their deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), and you can use it to pick songs and sound effects to use in your videos. You’ve just learned how to use the built-in music app to add music to any Facebook story, as well as how to create your custom tales. You may also take advantage of this option if you enjoy the music element because it wonderfully complements that selfie or a photo of you and your closest buddy.

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