How To Add Music To Snapchat? The Latest Guide

How To Add Music To Snapchat

Personalizing your Snapchat stories with good music is one of the most acceptable ways to make them stand out. Snapchat’s Sounds functionality lets you add well-known songs or make your sounds to your snaps. Users may access details about the music contained in a Snap with Sounds after receiving it. A swipe up exposes the album image, song title, and artist name. Adding music to Instagram stories is popular, but did you know you could do the same on Snapchat? This post will guide you to learn how to add music to Snapchat videos. Let’s get started and improve your Snapchat game!

What Is the Snapchat Sound Feature?

Before we get into How To Add Music To Snapchat video, let’s first learn about the app’s “Sounds” function. Do you use TikTok or Instagram? If you answered yes, you’re probably aware of their Music function.

Similarly, Snapchat launched a Sound section in 2020, allowing us to add music to our photos. To fully utilize this functionality on your app, connect Snapchat to a streaming provider like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or Soundcloud.

While it does not offer all types of tracks,  it does feature the most popular songs, allowing you to effortlessly add music to a Snapchat video and make it more entertaining. When you add music to your Snapchat story or videos, the other person will see your Snap while the music is playing in the background.

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How To Add Music To Snapchat?

Music is recognized to properly reflect our feelings, even when words and sights fail. So keep reading to find out how you add music to Snapchat stories to precisely communicate your message.

  • To begin, run the Snapchat app on your device and navigate to the snap tab in the Snapchat app by pressing the Camera symbol in the bottom menu.
  • Decide whether you’d want to add a sound to your Snap before or after it got captured. Take a snapshot or record a video now if you decide to add it later.
  • On the right side of the screen, tap the Music icon in the vertical menu. A new tab will open, displaying a list of music with thumbnail images, track names, and artist names for each. To hear a preview, click the play button icon to the right of each song.
  • Once you’ve chosen music to utilize as a sound for your Snap, tap the blue Next icon at the bottom
  • Optionally, on your snap preview, move the Sound Timeline at the bottom of the screen around and pick the appropriate portion to include, then press the checkmark symbol to confirm.
  • A sound, graphic sticker with the song and artist names will appear over your Snap. You may drag and drop it anywhere on the screen, but your sound will get wiped if you choose to drag and drop it into the trash icon at the bottom.

Continue to edit or add features like stickers and filters as usual, then share it with your friends or publish it to your stories by clicking the blue arrow button.


unlike music, custom sounds will only play for video snaps at the time of publication, and they have no visual component.

Snapchat’s Sound function only lets you use the licensed songs by cooperating with some of the world’s most prominent record labels. As a result, while you can locate the most famous music, you may not add some tracks. Lastly, it is essential to remember that songs cannot get recorded. A pop-up box shows that Snapchat detects music in a clip, pausing the recording due to potential copyright concerns.

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How To Add Music To Snapchat –From Mobile

If you want to add your sound clip to a Snap, you may record it on the app and include it. Adding your music to Snapchat is straightforward if you follow the outlined procedures.

  • Launch the app camera and tap the sound icon on the screen.
  • Click + Create sound at the top of the screen. Give your new audio clip a title and store it to My Sounds so you can use it in your Snap. You may also make your music public so that other Snapchat users can listen to it.
  • To record the sound, press the record button and play the music you wish to record
  • When you believe the recording is complete, hit the Record button to end it.
  • Listen to the sound demo and give it a name in the sound name box.
  • Select the Make this sound public? Option. If you want to make it public, click the button and cut your sound clip with the caps at the beginning and end of the Sound Timeline.
  • When you’re satisfied with the music you’ve added to your snaps, click the blue Save Sound button.
  • Select the Saved option to add the sound to your Snapchat story and preview it. You may also move the Sound Timeline about by clicking the checkbox sign at the bottom of the screen, selecting the appropriate area to include, then clicking the checkbox symbol to confirm.

Keep tweaking or adding new features as usual, then send it to your friends or publish it to your stories by clicking the blue arrow button.

Final Thought

To conclude, If you have the correct tools, sharing music on Snapchat is a breeze. We’ve covered every method for adding music to your Snapchat videos, whether it’s from the app’s built-in library or your mobile’s library. Snapchat may get used for various applications, including video and photo recording, editing, and sharing.

Even the most basic snaps may get improved with the addition of a few effects, noises, and other components. So, please don’t put it off any longer and use this function in your app to entice your friends to receive more updates from you or make your snaps more intriguing.



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