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How Much Is Rainbow Six Siege On PS4

So, if you’re wondering how much is Rainbow Six Siege on ps4, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you whether it’s free right now or how much you’ll have to pay for other versions.

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter game with some of the most intense firefights ever witnessed in gaming. Players from various platforms can play together in a cross-platform game.

Someone with a PS4 and the other with an Xbox One may participate in a match together. There are methods to save money while still getting the most fun out of your PS4. Ubisoft usually releases a free weekend trial on Rainbow Six Siege at each new season. It enables gamers on all platforms to try the game for free for a limited period. 

Keep reading the article. This article will address this and other game-related questions, allowing you to get started immediately!

What Is Rainbow Six Siege?

Let’s talk about why people are looking for the answer to “How Much Is Rainbow Six Siege On PS4”. Why is it so well-known among players? Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter focusing on meticulous preparation, collaboration, and highly calibrated tactical play.

The game has grown dramatically since its first release in 2015. If you’ve played a first-person shooter in the last decade, you already know the basics. On tight yet complicated maps, it’s a 5v5 ballet of assault and defense between well-equipped military special forces units.

It offers a distinct feel that you won’t find in Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Due to a strong emphasis on strategy and intellectual play over twitch targeting.

Game Play of Rainbow Six Siege

There are only three PvP game types in Siege, which revolve around one team defending a room while the other tries to breach its walls. In the casual matchmaking queue, there are 15 maps; however, only nine of them got rated.

Most of its levels are located in three-story structures, giving gunfights a feeling of scale that many shooters lack. Each battle round begins with a frantic race as one team prepares their fortifications. At the same time, the other uses remote-controlled drones to gather intelligence.

Working with your teammates to enhance your Siege abilities, whether through voice chat, text, or map markers and pings, is a simple yet effective way to do so. So far, sixteen more characters have got introduced, bringing the total number of characters to 36, with eight more coming next year.

Siege cleverly keeps its shop goods away from anything that significantly impacts gameplay—unlocking a range of rifle sights and barrel attachments whenever possible.

Note: Microtransactions in Rainbow Six Siege need in-game cash. Completing tasks and playing online will earn you in-game currency, allowing you to unlock operators without having to pay real money gradually.

Available Platforms for Rainbow Six Siege

At the moment, Rainbow Six Siege  is available on all platforms, including

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 5
  • Google Stadia
  • Xbox Series X
  • Series S
  • Microsoft Windows

According to Ubisoft’s plans, Rainbow Six Siege will finally have crossplay shortly. PS4 and PS5 players will play against Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S gamers in cross-generational lobbies. The feature has a projected release date of early 2022, although Ubisoft is currently working on technologies behind the scenes. The feature will roll out in stages, but the finish is close.

How Much Is Rainbow Six Siege On PS4 – Edition Wise

Currently, the answer to How Much Is Rainbow Six Siege On PS4 depends on which edition you but for Rainbow Six Siege. The three editions are as follow

  • Rainbow Six Siege – Deluxe Edition – $29.99
  • Rainbow Six® Siege Ultimate Edition – $97.99
  • Rainbow Six® Siege Operator Edition – $74.99

On Steam, Rainbow Six Siege is present at $19.99. Rainbow Six Siege gets offered at up to a 70% discount on all platforms for a limited time! Please check with your preferred retailer to see if a deal is available. When you have the Xbox Game Pass, a monthly subscription, it’s occasionally free.

All of these editions are available on PS4 and PS5.

Note: PS Plus gets necessary for online play, which may accommodate up to ten people.

Can You Play Rainbow Six Siege For Free?

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t free to play right now, but will it be in the future? The game’s creators have no intentions to make it free to play. Rainbow Six Siege has been offering a Free Weekend for a few months now, allowing users to test out the game without purchasing.

The most recent Free Weekend took place on December 2-5 to commemorate the start of the Crystal Guard season. In early 2022, you can expect another Free Weekend.

Free Weekend, the free edition of Rainbow Six Siege, gives you access to all the maps and modes, giving you the entire Siege experience. If you elect to upgrade to the whole game, your progress and Operators will get carried over.

Tips To Buy the Games While Saving Money

Keep the following tips in mind while purchasing games

  • When it comes to saving money, the PlayStation Store always has a discount. If you’re patient, you might be able to snag some fantastic deals on the PS Store.
  • PS Plus is a monthly membership that allows you to play your games with others online, and it is cheaper to join up for a more extended period.
  • Because of the production and shipping costs, physical PlayStation games wind up costing more than downloadable games. Focus on digital-only.
  • Purchase secondhand games wherever possible.
  • There are no drawbacks to buying used games if you aren’t a collector who requires mint condition.

Bottom Line

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC. Operation North Star adds a new operator, a redesigned map, and other gameplay tweaks. The game is presently on sale for 70% off, making it a fantastic deal. We hope you enjoyed reading our post; nevertheless, bear the following suggestions in mind while investing your money in these games.


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