How To Hide Likes On Twitter Latest Methods Explained In Full

How To Hide Likes On Twitter?

We’ll reveal to you how to hide likes on Twitter in this guide. Almost every social networking site has a Likes option, which allows you to indicate to someone that you found their thread fascinating or informative by liking it. Your Twitter favorites are public.

Anybody who follows you either has accessibility to your profile may see your choices or most-liked tweets. Since Twitter frequently promotes these favorite tweets to your followers, it may be rather intrusive.

Twitter shows the total amount of retweets and likes for all of your tweets. Many folks prefer to disable this visibility because many individuals could see the number of likes and RTs on the tweets as a cautionary indicator that these tweets should not get viewed.

For instance, a tweet with fewer likes may get overlooked by users due to its low engagement. 

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Is It Feasible To Conceal Twitter Likes?

If you’re unsure if you really can conceal the tweets you’ve favorite on Twitter, let us clarify things down for you. The simple truth is no. There is no feature on Twitter that allows you to conceal your likes completely, and the favorite tweets section is there for a purpose and should not be disabled.

However, there are several other precautions you may take to guarantee that anonymous people do not observe your activities. Like Snapchat, Facebook, and most other social networking sites, Twitter is a premium on its users’ confidentiality.

So, if concealing your favorite tweets from the audience is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it. Let’s get into how to hide likes on Twitter.

How To Hide Likes On Twitter?

Making your profile private is the first option for you. In that manner, no one you don’t like will be able to view your favorite posts. It’s because after you make your profile private, only the individuals you allow will be able to see your account.

Search engine no longer has accessibility to your tweets since they get encrypted. Nobody can access your account or tweets through any web browser. Your tweets and account are only visible to your followers, who you have personally authorized.

Additionally, even your authorized followers will be unable to retweet or respond to your posts. Finally, stop using tags in your posts since they are no longer effective. Your posts will only get seen by your followers, who will view them even without tagging.

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How To Make Twitter Profile Private?

We are delighted for you if you believe you have found what you might be searching for for a while. Follow the procedure of switching your Twitter handle privately and in

  • Launch the Twitter application on your device and sign in to your Twitter handle.
  • Your main screen will be the first display you view. Your profile photo may get seen in the left section of the screen. When you tap on it, a popup window will show.
  • Scroll right to the end of the window and touch on Preferences and privacy.
  • Go to Preferences and choose the third option, Security, and privacy.
  • Pick the first choice, viewing audience, and tag from the displayed column in your Twitter Activities field.
  • You’ll notice Secure your Posts there, along with a switch. It gets switched off by default, and please switch it on, and you get done for the day.

Note: But we appreciate it if you believe that keeping your profile private would limit your reach and that you might manage to do so. Continue reading for other options to your situation that do not need you to turn your profile private.

Without Creating a Private Twitter Profile

If you keep your profile private, you may not expand your network. And, if you’re using Twitter to develop your connection and hope that one of your posts goes viral, keeping your profile private is a waste of time. How else are you expected to preserve your anonymity? You may make specific tweaks to your profile to prevent the broader populace from seeing your favorite tweets.

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Erase All Of Your Favorites To Hide Likes On Twitter

Another way for, How To Hide Likes On Twitter, so nobody on Twitter can view them. In that case, you could only perform one trick: delete all of your favorites. We regret to inform you it’s the only choice available to you, only one that sounds plausible. Perform these instructions to delete favorites on other folk’s tweets:

  • Launch the Twitter app on the smartphone device.
  • Connect your Twitter handle.
  • On your main screen, tap on your account, which gets placed in the uppermost right corner of the display—select “Favorites” from the menu that appears.
  • It will bring compiled a series of all the tweets you’ve liked. Find the tweet you wish to delete from this collection.
  • Tap on the “Favored” link next to the initial tweet when you discover the tweet. It will erase your “favorite” tweet activity.
  • Reload the screen and see whether it has been deleted from the likes section to confirm that you have disliked or unfavorited the post.

Note: This solution has a few issues: everyone whose posts you liked will know that you disliked their tweets. However, don’t panic; you can use it if you believe it is worthwhile. Respond to their post with a snappy comeback or a simple, amusing one-liner to indicate to them you appreciated it.

Bottom Line

So, you could erase all of your Twitter likes by using two easy procedures. It prevents your followers from viewing which posts you have previously liked. One explanation why Twitter consumers choose to remove liked tweets is that Twitter uses this information to propose comparable tweets connected to your favorite tweet.

Therefore, whether you have liked anything that you no longer enjoy for a long time, you can prevent this by merely erasing your favorites on Twitter.


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