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How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Snapchat – Full Guide

The strategies in this post will reveal to you how to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat. Whether it’s your relatives, pals, roommate, or workplace, inquiring about their birthday might feel impolite if you’ve known people for such a long time.

It would give them the impression that you didn’t care about remembering their b’day all along, or they don’t feel important quite so to commemorate their birthday. The issue gets much more humiliating if the individual whose b’day you accidentally missed is your fiancée.

That’s why it is preferable to hunt for alternative means to find out your loved one’s birthday rather than asking them directly. You can discover that using the Snapchat app. While Snapchat will not alert you immediately, there are methods to find out. 

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Snapchat is among the top prevalent messaging services because it enables you to communicate with your buddies in more entertaining ways than traditional platforms. You would, for instance, message your pals regularly, share their photographs or clips, and respond to their tales. Compared to other apps, you could only deliver standard text messages.

Snapchat gives a plethora of social characteristics as a messaging app. You may connect your buddies by utilizing the search feature as any social networking site. Once you initially set up your Snapchat profile, you’ll get asked for your email address, mobile number, and place of birth.

It gets done, so Snapchat checks whether you’re old enough to use the application. They additionally utilize it to alert people when it’s your bday. Let’s look at how to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat.

How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Snapchat?

It would be best if you had that individual on your contact list to learn how to discover somebody’s actual birthdate on Snapchat. You may quickly find somebody’s bday on Snapchat now by performing the procedures outlined below.

Making Use of the Friends List

Searching your friend’s list is among the simplest methods to find out somebody’s b’day on Snapchat. Choose this option if you like to keep it private while looking up a friend’s birthday.

You might not have to include them in your searches since you haven’t spoken to this buddy in a while and would like to stun them with a b’day greeting at a gathering with a few pals.

After you’ve opened your friend’s menu, scroll and search for titles of pals with a cake emoticon beside their username to see who seems to have a birthday forthcoming.

The cake emoticon is a unique lens Snapchat uses on profiles to notify their acquaintances that it’s time to blow the candles. Instead, you may input your friends’ initials and choose whose b’day you wish to see.

It is a circuitous technique to locate someone’s birthday on Snapchat. It needs you to keep searching for upcoming birthdays on the friend’s catalogue.

Note: When there’s a friend’s b’day, the symbol shows next to their title for a maximum of 24hrs. So, if you’re that devoted, you might like to check maybe at present regularly is their b’day.

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Check your Stories

Another method of How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Snapchat is to check their friends’ stories. If you have standard connections with somebody, their contacts will generally wish them a greeting on their Snapchat story. Therefore, if you like to discover when somebody’s bday is, you’ll have to view the stories every day.

Ironically, those are hardly two specific methods to figure out whether it’s somebody’s bday on Snapchat. Snapchat does not notify you when somebody’s birthday is approaching; you must rely on other signals.

Sadly, if somebody has not given Snapchat the right birthday, you might snap them even though it is not their b’day. Use the cake emoticon as an indication only, not for an actual means of discovering whether it’s somebody’s bday.

Inquire a Snapchat Buddy

One approach is to inquire whether it is their birthday. If you don’t know when your buddy’s bday is, you might ask a familiar acquaintance for their birthday. Because individuals may set up their Snapchat b’day incorrectly, it’s hard to determine when their birth date will be on Snapchat without inquiring.

Snapchat, the pictures and video exchanging networking app, will soon notify consumers of their buddies’ birthdays. The program has included an additional function named ‘Birthdays Mini,’ allowing users to follow the count of the b’days of individuals who joined the platform. The function displays birthdays based on the individuals’ preferences of date or horoscope sign.

Mini-feature for Birthday

The function is comparable to what Facebook provides on its platform. Facebook, being one of the leading global social networking sites, notifies users about the birthdays of individuals on their friend networks.

It’s an excellent tool for folks who forget or need a prompt to greet their pals with a happy birthday. When a buddy’s b’day arrives, Facebook notices the user.

Snapchat will notify consumers regarding b’days exclusively if they get highlighted on their account as a portion of the function. The events would get mentioned in the app’s Birthdays Mini section.

Snapchat would not reveal the individual’s age or birth year. Individuals may choose whether or not to show their birth date on their account by changing their preferences.

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How To Activate Snapchat’s Mini-Birthdays Function

  • Navigate to Snapchat.
  • Access the individual’s inbox you want to include in Birthday Mini.
  • When the conversation gets opened, click the rocket sign at the display’s bottom.
  • Choose Mini from the bottom.
  • Look for and choose Birthdays from the options.
  • Once shown in a conversation, Birthdays remains in the conversation as a message.

Bottom line

Snapchat isn’t only about creating streaks. However, it is a wonderful social networking search site for meeting up with pals to delight them with b’day greetings or to schedule surprise b’day gatherings.


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