How To Play A Video In Reverse On Desktop and Mobile Devices

How To Play A Video In Reverse

A reversed clip is used in a video segment, making it more enticing and excellent. Reversed clips get used in cuisine clips for a sharper perspective of fast-paced motions, particularly in sporting events. You can perform various unique activities, such as leaping backward, strolling backward, traveling back, putting milk into a cup, tumbling up, etc. So many of the time, inverted videos get used to highlighting fast-moving things in a stream. It is therefore critical to understand how to play a video in reverse.

You can quickly flip and enjoy a clip reverse if you have the correct video modifying software. This guide will go through the finest tools for playing videos backward.

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Presently, numerous flipped videos can get seen on TikTok, Fb, and Insta. You might also prefer to run it in reverse to create a dramatic or humorous impact when editing a clip. Reverse clip playback could be a great experience.

Would you like to add an inverse motion to your clip but seem unsure how? Several media editors feature unlimited internet clip reversers and specialized applications that may assist you in making a clip play backward. We’ll show you how to stream a clip back on different devices. Let’s look at how to play a video in reverse.

How To Play A Video In Reverse?

Let’s see how you can play a video in reverse across devices.

How To Play A Video In Reverse On Desktop

You could use VCU, an all-in-one clip converter, to modify the clip and have it run backward. It includes many often utilized changing capabilities such as trimming, resizing, flipping video, combining multiple footage segments into single, adding fittings, modifying effects, boosting clarity, etc. It includes a Clip Reverser feature to stream a clip backward effortlessly.

  • Double-click on the downloading option ahead and complete the directions to acquire freely, set up, and operate this clip reverser and converter on your desktop. Once you get there, select Toolbar to see even more handy features. Locate and choose the Clip Reverser item.
  • You would then get sent to the actual clip reverser interface. You may pick and add a clip to this clip reverser program by clicking on the massive plus symbol.
  • Now, you may move the sliding line or timing preset to choose the particular video snippet backward. Next, select and modify an appropriate target media directory for the silent film. Then, hit the Export option to confirm the adjustments and download the altered version to your desktop. This sophisticated clip reverser gets built with ground-breaking processor acceleration technologies. As a consequence, you may achieve fast processing and exportation speeds.
  • For adding additional soundtrack or captions to a clip, please return to the Windows taskbar, select the Conversion function, add the inverted video, and alter its sound component or caption.

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How To Play A Video In Reverse On iPhone

You may have noticed that iOS lacks a reverse function that enables you to stream a clip backward. Consequently, if you wish to stream a clip backward on your ios device, you must rely on external video inverting applications. The App Store has a plethora of suggestions.

Type and seek for the back clip, and you’ll be able to uncover a plethora of relevant applications. If you’re unsure which one to choose, we’ll use the ubiquitous Reverse Vid as an instance to demonstrate how to play a video in reverse

  • Download the Reverse Vid application for free from the App Store. Then, press the application logo to start it.
  • You may choose the clip format you wish to overturn on the home screen. You can reverse a recently captured video, capture an old film clip, or grab a newer one immediately. After that, you may select and modify the pace of your inverted clip.
  • The Reverse Vid application has a Previewing option. You may watch the inverted clip before downloading it—Press Save to download the inverted clip to your smartphone if you’re happy with the outcome.

How To Play A Video In Reverse On Android

There are several clip reverser tools for Android in the Google Store. However, we must confess that most services do not provide a pleasant consumer encounter. We want to offer Reverse Movie FX, a pretty effective clip reverser. It provides a simple method for creating a reverse clip.

After downloading the Reverse Movie FX application on your Android smartphone, launch it and choose a film clip to run reverse. Next, to modify your clip, utilize its inverting features. It is permissible to add a fresh soundtrack to the inverted clip.

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How To Play A Video In Reverse On Kapwing

Kapwing’s backward clip software is ready to assist despite your artistic difficulty. Submit the material you want to invert, and Kapwing would work fine. Your clip would get reversed in the sample, but it may also get transferred for a complete, inverted edition.

When inverting your clip, you may also blend this effect with several of Kapwing’s additional capabilities, such as cutting, modifying volume, inserting captions, transitions, etc. Our mission is to provide artists with quick, easy-to-use solutions that enhance their life simpler. We believe it assists you effortlessly backward your clips digitally.

  • When your clip has loaded, locate the x Reverse option in the navigation pane and click it to inverse your clip. Again once your clip gets inverted, you may still edit it or perform additional changes to its pace, loudness, and other parameters.
  • Once you’re through creating your reverse video, click Export, and your ultimate end clip will get started. Watch your freshly inverted clip, and don’t forget to distribute it with your buddies.

Bottom Line

Reversing a clip is among the most effective techniques to draw attention to your material. Several artists choose to invert only a little piece of their video to produce a momentary rewind impression. After completing this guide, you must be able to make a reverse movie on any platform.


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