Here Is The Method To Use USB Headset On Xbox One – Complete Guide

How To Use USB Headset On Xbox One

If you’re a gamer, you already know how vital a good gaming headset is. However, configuring a gaming headset to operate on your preferred platform may be complicated despite its apparent simplicity. Maybe your audio output is hijacked by a mic on your PC’s camera or a dropdown menu in the Xbox settings. It shouldn’t be this difficult, but it can be. So, you might be wondering about How To Use USB Headset On Xbox One.

Please don’t be anxious; we’re here to help you with this connection guide between your Xbox One gaming headset to your console.

How To Use USB Headset On Xbox One?

The USB headset may become used to link to the Xbox One system. However, remember that the Xbox One would only accept gaming headsets and headphones designed specifically for the Xbox One.

It is due to Microsoft’s usage of custom-made communication processors in the console. These chips only enable specified USB devices to connect and only those compatible with the console. If the USB headphone does not meet these requirements, they will not operate.

Why Don’t Non Gaming Headsets Connect To Xbox One?

The primary reason for this is that generic headsets have too much delay. Regular headphones have a delay of up to 100 milliseconds. Whenever it comes to gaming, this is eons.

Be aware that this delay will produce crosstalk and wreak havoc on your game experience. To circumvent this, Microsoft only permits USB headphones that get expressly designed with the Xbox One.

How To Connect A Gaming Headset To The Xbox One?

Pairing a game headset with an Xbox One isn’t any more difficult than it is on previous consoles. There are a few alternatives that aren’t available on other systems.

Suppose you have a cable USB headset or even a wireless headset with a USB adapter or base station. In that case, you should be able to plug it into the console if it’s compatible.

Non-3.5mm gaming headphones are the only ones that work with the Xbox One. If they are made specifically for the platform, a USB gaming headset that works on the Playstation 4 will certainly not work here.

If the wireless headset has extra connections, such as an optical cord, go through the settings, disable HDMI audio, and enable bitstream out for Optical audio.

Without an adaptor or base station, gaming headset headphones designated “Made for Xbox” may connect to the console via Xbox Wireless. Push and release the start button on the console’s side to pair a compatible headset with such an Xbox One.

At the same time, it’s turned on, then press the pairing button on the headset for another few seconds—this varies per headset. When the two or more devices identify, your TV will display a “headset assigned” message, and you’re ready to go.

Disadvantages Of Using A USB Headset On Xbox One?

While there are several benefits to knowing How To Use USB Headset On Xbox One, there are several drawbacks to be aware of. Latency is the principal disadvantage. If the USB headphone has had enough lag time among what you are listening to. Then when the game responds, the playing experience will get entirely wrecked.

USB headset compatibility is another critical concern. There are USB headphones that work with the Xbox One, but no USB headphones that work with the Xbox One. Let’s say the USB headset you plan on using isn’t compatible. An HDMI-to-headphone plug converter may be your sole option in that circumstance (if available).

Make sure your USB headset adapter contains a USB controller move if you want to use it with your Xbox One. It will be the solution to How To Use USB Headset On Xbox One and will allow you to simultaneously use your USB headset with both your Xbox One and your PC.

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Wired Vs Wireless Headphones

To begin with, there is no definitive answer; it all boils down to personal preference and what you feel would best suit your gaming needs. Some people prefer non-gaming earbuds alongside their Xbox controllers, whereas others prefer Xbox series headphones.

  • Bear in mind that the battery has to get recharged regularly. It may not seem a big concern, but if you use your Xbox One frequently, you may spend more time recharging than playing.
  • Also, Remember that stereo headsets should be in the line of sight with the console, limiting your gameplay range. You won’t need additional electricity to use a corded headset because your controller is attached to an Xbox One socket.

Your headset will not need to be charged or replaced; plug it in and begin gaming immediately.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter – Buyer’s Guide

The adapter is necessary for your headphone, whether a 3.5mm jack headset or a USB Headset, due to the lack of a headphone port on the regular Xbox One.

Because there are so many possibilities, getting to the adapter may be difficult. Choose the one that is a little less expensive or comparable in terms of beneficial qualities. Or maybe you’ll be able to acquire something better?

In any case, reading the product review and then the characteristics that will be relevant to you will help you choose the perfect adapter. In this instance, the standard Microsoft Xbox One Headset Adapter or the Turtle Beach Ear Power Xbox One Headset are both viable options.

Suppose you already have wireless headphones on and want to play Xbox One. In that case, the Uber Wireless Xbox One Stereo Headset is the best solution. However, because it features a headphone port, it can only get used well with an Xbox One S controller.

Final Thought

One of the most enjoyable things you can do is play games with headphones. However, it’s worth mentioning that things may become a little problem regarding the USB Headphone Xbox One because it’s difficult to connect both the console and the headphones directly.

Things don’t operate the same way with Xbox One as they do with the USB Headphone with the laptop. Otherwise, a 3.5mm Plug wire headset would be a good solution.


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