How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace

How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms people use worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg Created this app in 2004. After several updates, now this app has many exciting features. You might have heard about the Facebook marketplace, which helps to sell a product locally to people or businesses. In this article, you will learn how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace.

Like eBay, the Facebook marketplace will also help sell and buy products. The Facebook app provides the B2C marketplace where the product is sent directly to the end-user from the seller. If you are wondering how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace, you will learn how to do it by reading this article.

When purchasing products online, you often fear whether you will get the exact product. Most of the time, you might have experienced the item you order will be of poor quality. So, if you are trying to view the confidential information of the product, then you must learn how to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace. Unhiding the product details will help you know all the information regarding the particular product you plan to purchase.

If the seller does not hide certain information, the customers will come up with too many queries, and sometimes, they will not intend to order the product. So, the seller will not display all the information to increase sales.

What Is The Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a platform where you can sell and buy a product, similar to other eCommerce platforms. This platform came in February 2015. This platform will help you deal with the end users directly. You can ask the seller for the necessary information if you are a buyer.

Facebook marketplace will work well on your mobile phone and other devices like PC, desktops, etc. many people often complain that they can’t see all the information when viewing on the PC. Suppose you are also facing the same problem. This article will solve this problem.

How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace

  • Using the mobile version

When you use Facebook marketplace on your desktop or laptop, you will encounter this issue where you will not be able to view all the information. The web version of this application will not provide the option to make calls, unlike the mobile version, so if you are using the marketplace on your mobile phone, you can view more information.

In case You can’t view the information related to a product on your pc, then type instead of This way, you can open the mobile version on your desktop, allowing you to view all the information and contact numbers without difficulty. Among some ways you can view all the information, using the mobile version will be a useful method to get all the required information regarding the product.

  • contacting the seller

Another method of getting all the necessary information about an item you are planning to purchase is directly contacting the seller and asking for all the required information. This way, the seller will respond to your message by providing the additional information not present in the app. you can also view the hidden information in the Facebook marketplace by using the product link.

All you have to do is go to the product you intend to purchase or view more data and then click on share product and copy the link. Now go back to google chrome and paste the link in the search bar and in the place of www. you must type m. and click enter. Within a few seconds, the page will load, and you can see the necessary information unhidden in the marketplace. You cannot see this information in the Facebook marketplace because it provides security by withholding the seller’s personal information.

In contrast, when you view the product in the web browser using the link, the browser will not protect the personal information so that you can view the hidden details. Suppose you are trying to view the Facebook marketplace on your mobile phone. In that case, you will not encounter such a problem as you can see the seller’s contact information, so it is best to use the mobile version even when viewing on your pc or tablet.

What If You Are A Seller On Facebook

If you are a buyer unhiding the information and viewing them will be useful to know in detail about the product so you can decide whether to purchase it or not. In contrast, if you are a seller, then when the buyers can unhide the information you want to restrict from their view, it will be a disadvantage for you. Hence you must also know how to protect the information from unhiding.

  • How To Prevent Buyers From Unhiding Information

As a seller, you will have your business tricks and tips where you might have to hide some information from the buyers, so you must also ensure that the buyer will not be able to unhide the hidden information. The only way to hide your personal information from the viewer is by not publishing them. Instead, you provide your email address or contact details to the customer via Facebook messenger, which will be safe.

To avoid inconvenience caused to the buyers willing to know more details about the seller, You can publish a statement mentioning that you will not provide any personal information to the buyers intending to purchase the product. So they will not try to contact you via messenger or other means to get your information. As a seller in the Facebook marketplace, ensure you update the latest app version, which will upgrade the security and provide you with more exciting features.

This article on how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace will help you learn how to unhide information. We hope this article was helpful.

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