How To Auto Sync On TikTok – Sync Sound and Video automatically

How To Auto Sync On Tiktok

Since the application’s inception, TikTok has advanced significantly, with the app regularly introducing various new features, making content aggregation simpler than in the past. One such feature is Auto Sync. Let us see how to auto sync on TikTok? 

Users of TikTok are taking advantage of a trend where the application automatically synchronizes footage from your photo library with trending tunes for a quick compilation. Likewise, if you frequently utilize TikTok, you may be familiar with the struggle of altering a clip and keeping the music in sync. You may discover a practical remedy for that issue throughout this post since we’ll teach you how to auto sync on TikTok!

What Is Auto Sync On TikTok

Audio and video are synchronized using a process known as auto sync. On TikTok, you may use a function to synchronize any clips to songs or even other sounds. The term “sounds,” which would be simply one word for music, appears in several of the app’s trends. Another method is by selecting a particular number of films using their photo library and letting the system automatically synchronize them to a popular sound. This Function Is Called Auto Sync. This one has been spreading like wildfire for weeks.

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What Is The The Function of Auto Sync

“Auto syncing” functions by synchronizing the dimensional changes from one media to another. This could enhance a picture’s clarity by bringing the audio and visual elements closer together or conversely.

The clip starts playing as soon as the soundtrack starts playing whenever this option is enabled. The song will keep playing as soon as the visuals and music are synchronized. Additionally, your movie would immediately resume regular playing whenever the song ends.

How Does Auto Synchronization Work?

This TikTok service makes it easy to make musical upload videos with others. However, you could enhance any TikTok movies much better by having them instantly synchronize with the rhythm of the music! This may give your film flair and make you more noticeable on-site.

Auto sync gets frequently utilized as a special effect to add fun and excitement to recordings. While recording a video rather than shooting images, it has also been used to enhance the sound quality or add captions to the clip. Irrespective of if they do have hearing issues, everyone else can appreciate it.

How To Auto Sync On TikTok?

Let’s have a glance at how to auto sync on TikTok videos whether you’re seeking just a quick solution. It requires a few elements to make a collage for such a style, yet many people think it’s worthwhile once they see the outcomes.

1st Method

  1. Start by logging into any TikTok profile. After that, select the + sign in the top right corner of your website.
  2. When the camera window opens, select the desired film clips from one’s device’s collection by clicking the icon inside the lowest part edge of the screen. To accomplish this, choose the desired clips from the drop-down list, then press “Add to Video.”
  3. Input the audio file that you wish to sync automatically. To achieve this, choose the desired clips from the options list and press “Add to Sound.”
  4. Choose the clip’s audio, then click on Adjust clip option.
  5. Locate, then click upon that Auto sync symbol inside the bottom-left side.
  6. Click Done after you are satisfied using the clip.
  7. Proceed and select Next by clicking inside the top-right area.
  8. At this point, you may add stickers, use special effects, or annotate the clip.
  9. Once you’re done, hit Next, and afterwards, click on Post button to upload the clip on TikTok.

2nd Method

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Find a video that uses whatever soundtrack users wish to use in the backdrop for the clip by searching for one that is part of a larger trend.
  3. Select “Use this sound” after selecting the audio at the bottom of your display.
  4. Click on the upload icon, then choose the clips users wish to include in the clip.
  5. Click the next button after you’ve chosen the appropriate number of videos.
  6. Verify that “Sound sync” is chosen beneath the clip. Your movies must now match the music exactly.
  7. Click the next button before adding any content or other adjustments to the clip.
  8. Press continue once again to access the “Post” page, where you might submit the clip as usual.

Several compilations received many likes, demonstrating how much the public has adored the outcomes of such a trend.

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How Can I Make My TikTok Images And Music Sync?

  1. Select whatever audio you want to utilize inside the TikTok application and launch it.
  2. In the bottom middle of the picture, click “Use This Sound.”
  3. Choose the photographs and a clip you wish to utilize. Now click Next. Before posting, you’ll remove the video.
  4. Click the modify clip button, then navigate towards the film clip. Next, press erases after tapping the clip.
  5. Select auto sync to make the photographs synchronize towards the audio.

How To Sound-Search Videos On TikTok

TikTok Allows You To Sound-Search Videos. You may employ this Method to look for clips on TikTok that include a specific sound sample.

  1. Launch TikTok from the smartphone.
  2. Play your clip’s soundtrack while you view them.
  3. Next, click the button recorder rotating to the side right of said clip. You may also click the link for the scribbling audio at the bottom of the videos.
  4. An audio face appears, allowing users to watch all videos using the same music. The Add-in Favorites icon may be used to add anything to the favorites.
  5. By pressing the utilize the audio option just at the bottom, you could also begin shooting a clip while noise is playing.

Users may also use the Explore page search function to locate the same song.


All done! You’ve now mastered the TikTok auto sync technique. The auto sync of films in TikTok should now be possible with the aid of this instruction. As a result, it’s simple to sync the music alongside the TikTok clips automatically.


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