How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking The Contacts

How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking

Suppose you want to avoid receiving calls from people you know or frauds on your iPhone without restricting them. In that case, you could receive calls from numbers you don’t recognize. The focus option, one of the iPhone’s intriguing features, is available. This guide will cover how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking somebody on your contact list.

Thankfully you can restrict who can phone you. Apple introduced the Focus feature to help you concentrate by controlling your notifications and limiting your calls, texts, and other interruptions. Employing the Focus option to ignore calls without restricting them will be very helpful. You may be able to ban spammers who get reported by many individuals with the use of third-party programs. 

Quick Summary: To avoid receiving call alerts, you can activate the “Don’t Disturb” feature on your iPhone. You could also use Airplane Mode to restrict calls from accessing your device. Another choice is to configure your phone’s silent ringtone. Finally, you could use call diversion to transfer calls to an alternative number.

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For a legitimate reason, many individuals detest receiving advertising calls. They frequently cause annoyance and intrusion. You may need to restrict incoming calls from particular individuals on your iPhone. However, you don’t intend to entirely prohibit them since you might later wish to get texts from them. Let’s look at how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking.

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How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking – All You Need To Know

To halt calls on your Apple device without blocking them, navigate to Settings, then touch on the Focus mode feature. Then, to update your accepting call list, establish a new Customized Focus setting. You may engage in Don’t Disturb mode and only accept calls from your chosen acquaintances.

As a response, select the option to anonymous mute calls. Therefore, if you follow all of these procedures, you would almost certainly dismiss any calls you don’t want to attend without blocking them. But, you could add additional options relevant to your scenario under the focus mode preferences. You could, for instance, add a Driving Mode, Playing games Mode, Personalized Mode, and other options.

Focus Settings Page

Navigate to the Focus feature in the options menu of your device. The options for the Focus screen will get displayed to you. Sleeping state and Also Don’t Disturb mode could get turned on from this screen. To halt calls without banning them, you may activate other Focus options on your apple device, including Personal Focus and Automobile Focus.

The call will thus be sent to your mailbox when somebody rings you. You could add more Focus options based on your requirements by tapping on the plus symbol on the right side. You could pick who you wish to accept calls from and quiet the other contacts by introducing a new Focus option that allows you to do this.

How To Create A Custom Mode

  • Create A New Mode

Touch the blue plus sign in the corner of the focus area to open it. A window with various selections will glide up on your display. You could add customized Focus settings to your apple device with this pop-up, like Driving, Workout, Personalized, and others.

In this instance, the Customized mode would get used because it is the most exemplary illustration of how to mute calls on an iPhone without banning them. Therefore choose Customized and then enter a new Focus setting. Select the Color, Description, and symbol for your Focus Customized Option, then touch the next button on the new screen.

  • Allow Calls From Favorites 

You will be sent immediately to the screen where you may edit the connections after hitting the Next option. You could choose the contact you want to accept calls, texts, and reminders from on this screen. Therefore you could end conversations without banning them on your Apple device. Now, click the “plus Add Contact” option to designate who you wish to accept calls from. The screen for your contacts would then appear. Therefore, touch on each acquaintance to pick those you want to get calls from initially. Once finished, click the “Done” option at the top of the display.

  • Turn On The Mode

You could alternate between your Customized Focus and the Do Not Disturb feature whenever you’d prefer if you often employ the Do Not Disturb option. The Customized Focus would, therefore, immediately deactivate when you activate it. You also may add contacts, though, to avoid their calls.

How To Silence Unknown Callers

Return to your iPhone’s preferences after enabling the Customized Focus feature. Next, press on the Phone selection after scrolling down to find it. Select Unusual Silence Callers immediately, and then flip the button to ON. Keep in mind that we strongly advise you to mute unexpected callers. So once you activate the Custom Focus feature, you will still get calls from alarming numbers. Therefore, if you silence an unidentified caller on your apple device, their calls would get terminated without being blocked.

3rd Party App

If you frequently receive unknown calls and have already prohibited them from contacting you. You could also utilize third-party caller ID applications like the True caller for how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking. They will assist you in locating the fraudsters attempting to annoy you so that you can filter them. The True caller typically has a database of fraudsters on their applications.

Bottom Line

Whenever many individuals contact you, you want some time away from their conversation without banning them. The only option is to set whatever Focus setting you desire. Select the contacts you wish to overlook, then switch on the feature. But you’ll also conserve time and energy if you stop the unknown calls. Additionally, employing third-party applications like Real Caller could assist you in recognizing spammers and entirely blocking them. You now know how to mute calls on an Apple device without blocking them.

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