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How to Make a Game Pass On Roblox – Updated Detailed Guide

Today, in this guide, we will explain to you how to make a game pass on Roblox. The gaming platform Roblox Mobile is fantastic. A wide range of video games is available on Roblox, many of which get developed by outside producers, publishers, and creators of the site. You will require a game pass, though, if you desire to make plenty of it.

The gaming pass is the ticket to the realm of unique advantages in Roblox, and everyone enjoys getting special treatment. Gaming passes are a terrific approach to participate in the fun while building up your bank account for the most significant iterations of your preferred games.

Players may get given exclusive access to a closed location, an accessory for their character, or a persistent power-up using them. So how to make a gamepass on Roblox?

This guide will explain how a gaming pass could assist you in accomplishing all of these advantages.

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The most significant editions of the items on Roblox Mobile are accessible to you if you have a gaming pass. You could make a gaming pass using the gamepass maker tool and input your username and email information.

You could access Roblox Phone’s gaming area and choose “Make Gamepass” following finishing your gamepass. You’ll get sent to a website where you can complete the necessary fields to generate your gaming pass.

To make your gaming pass, you must provide your username, email account, and other pertinent information. Click the Create Gamepass option after you’re through filling everything out. Afterwards, you’ll get sent to a website where you can input all the data required to generate your gaming pass. Let’s look at how to make a game pass on Roblox.

How to Make a Gamepass on Roblox – All you need to know

Follow The Steps Below For How To Make A Game pass On Roblox

  • Log in to your account and choose the Profile tab.
  • Slide to the end of the screen to access the Groups tab,
  • Find the Membership section and click it.
  • Located towards the bottom of the screen, click the Gaming passes section.
  • Select the option labelled “Make a Gamepass.”
  • To create a gaming pass, fill out the blanks with your preferred gaming title and password.
  • After confirming your choice, choose the Make Gamepass option.
  • Choose the Create Code option to generate your gaming passcodes.
  • You could conveniently distribute the code to anyone who wishes to create their individual Roblox Mobile gaming passes. It could be copied to the clipboard and then pasted into a word doc or blogging post.

You can also set the number of Robux gamers you have to pay to avail of the special Gamepass. So, as a game developer, you can keep creating as many games passes as you want to help your fellow gamers and set the cost so you can also earn free Robux.

Game Pass Policies on Roblox

  • You should be aware of gaming pass regulations on Roblox Mobile.
  • You will have to create a gaming pass to access any game initially.
  • Each account is limited to one gaming pass.
  • If you misplace your gaming pass, you get prohibited from playing that item for a day.
  • If you misplace your gaming pass, get in touch with customer service to get a new one.
  • Finally, everything in your information and achievements would get lost if you erase your gaming pass.

Access to Creating a Game Pass on Roblox

A gaming pass could get made by anybody; however, having a account is preferred. You could make one here if you don’t own one. You could create a gaming pass as soon as you create an account.

Choose the My Games section and the Create Play Pass option to accomplish this. A website will direct you to where you must enter specific game-related details. Your identity, email id, and other identifying information will get included in this data.

Your password must also get entered. You may generate your gaming pass after submitting these details. Afterwards, you’ll get sent to the Gaming Pass Configuration site.

Your payment information and the time of day you want your gaming pass to terminate must get entered here. Additionally, you may choose how frequently your gaming pass would update, setting it to renew either weekly or monthly. Select these options and then press the Create Gaming Pass option again.

How To Use Game Pass on Roblox?

It is necessary to establish a gaming pass while creating a game. You could get the greatest versions of your games without paying any money.

  • Browse to My Games and choose the Make Game option.
  • Your username and password should get entered on the following screen. Selecting the games you wish to add a gamepass to is another requirement.
  • Click the Add Gamepass option after making your selection. On a subsequent screen, you will get directed and prompted to provide details about the game.

It can include your username, email account, and other relevant details. The connection between your profile and your game pass is another option. Your Roblox Username and password must get entered if you want to. Hit the Add Gamepass option after you have completed completing all the boxes.

Cost of Making Game Pass on Roblox

You have the option to establish the minimum quantity of Robux. Another user needs to purchase a Robux, which you may do for free. You may need to provide Roblox with a 30% commission in your capacity as a gaming creator. You would get 210 Robux; if anyone purchases your Roblox Gamepass, they must spend 300 Robux.

What is Robux & How To Get Free Robux?

Roblox, an immensely popular online gaming platform, has taken the world by storm. With millions of players and an expansive virtual universe, it’s no surprise that Robux, the in-game currency of Roblox, holds significant value. Many users are on the lookout for ways to acquire free Robux, and in this guide, we will explore various legitimate methods to do just that.

Understanding Robux and its Importance in Roblox

Robux serves as the primary currency in Roblox, enabling players to purchase virtual items, accessories, clothing, game passes, and more. Earning Robux through legitimate means allows players to enhance their gaming experiences, express their creativity, and unlock exclusive features.

Legal Ways to Earn Free Robux in Roblox

While it’s important to note that obtaining free Robux without proper authorization is against Roblox’s terms of service and can result in penalties, there are legitimate ways to earn Robux within the platform. Here are some methods you can explore.

Exploring Roblox Affiliate Programs

Roblox offers an Affiliate Program that allows users to earn Robux by promoting the platform. This program provides an opportunity for content creators, influencers, and developers to monetize their efforts while endorsing Roblox.

Joining the Roblox Affiliate Program

To become a part of the Roblox Affiliate Program, users need to meet certain requirements, such as having an active Roblox account and a minimum number of followers or subscribers on a designated platform. Once approved, affiliates gain access to unique referral links, promotional assets, and the potential to earn Robux.

Promoting Roblox and Earning Robux

Affiliates can leverage their online presence to promote Roblox to their audience. This can be done through content creation, such as videos, blog posts, social media campaigns, or livestreams. Whenever a new player signs up on Roblox using an affiliate’s referral link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission in the form of Robux.

Participating in Roblox Developer Exchange (DevEx) Program

For avid developers within the Roblox community, the Developer Exchange Program offers an avenue to earn Robux. By creating engaging and innovative experiences, developers can monetize their games and exchange their earned Robux for real-world currency.

Engaging in Robux Giveaways and Contests

Another way to obtain free Robux is by participating in Robux giveaways and contests. Various individuals, groups, or platforms may hold promotional events where Robux prizes are up for grabs. Keep an eye on official Roblox social media accounts, forums, and communities for such opportunities.

Utilizing Online Rewards Platforms

Certain online platforms offer rewards for completing surveys, watching videos, or participating in other activities. Some of these platforms allow users to redeem their accumulated points for Robux. However, exercise caution and verify the authenticity of these platforms to avoid scams or unauthorized methods.


While acquiring free Robux in Roblox is possible, it’s crucial to do so within the boundaries of the platform’s terms of service. Engaging in the Roblox Affiliate Program, participating in the Developer Exchange Program, exploring giveaways and contests, and utilizing legitimate rewards platforms are all viable methods to obtain Robux without resorting to illicit means. By embracing these legal avenues, players can enhance their Roblox experience, fuel their creativity, and enjoy the virtual world to its fullest.


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