Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook?

Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook

We need their attention for people to view, like, and engage with the content we share on social networking sites. But can you see who views your videos on Facebook?

What Is Facebook?

Whenever social networking is brought up, Facebook is frequently the first brand individuals recall. Facebook is unquestionably the largest social site in the world, including over two billion members. Anyone older than 13 years old is allowed to register.

Because it’s so simple to communicate with family and friends on Facebook and interact with companies there, the typical individual has a really easy time getting things done.


Facebook has become a hugely popular destination for video content. However, it is primarily recognized as an application, or a website wherein users can upload status updates and picture galleries. Humans are naturally interested in who is following us. It’s in our nature to do that.

Even while we enjoy seeing the numbers increase, they have no real meaning for us until we can put a person to the statistics. You didn’t anticipate publishing that video on Facebook would get more fans or become more well-known. Your motivation was to share the video with your peers so they may share your enthusiasm.

Therefore, unless the query, ” Can you see who views your videos on Facebook?” is addressed, none of those large numbers will mean anything to anyone.

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How To Figure Out How Many Individuals Saw My Videos On Facebook?

The number of views is shown underneath the video if someone shared it with the community. You may view extra stats from a desktop pc when you upload a video on such a Page.

Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook?

The answer is that you cannot tell who saw the Video content. Typically, there is no precise method to determine who has viewed my Facebook video. Facebook does not have access to clear information about who saw the clips, in contrast to Instagram.

Facebook will only provide you with the number of viewers of the video you uploaded on the profile; no other information will be provided. Security and privacy rules stipulate that you won’t be made aware of many different users’ actions. You will be able to determine that someone has seen your clip if they choose to “like” it, give it another reaction, or maybe even write a remark.

Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook? Why Not?

The primary explanation seems to be that Facebook needs a sophisticated system to capture such information for each uploaded video since films frequently generate many views on the app.

Whenever you consider that videos often have a wider audience reach, more notice, and greater interaction than a regular Facebook post, all users who have watched your clip can be included in an infinite list that would display. In light of this, Facebook has not yet tried to add this option to its platform yet though, either.

A technology titan like Facebook can, of fact, offer this feature if they genuinely choose to. They haven’t put any effort or resources into making it a reality since it is challenging to comprehend how it could help them or its users.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Live Videos

You may check the live broadcast control Facebook page while a presentation is in progress to determine who is tuning in. An entirely different situation arises while broadcasting on Facebook live.

Facebook believes it is reasonable to offer capabilities that allow users to determine who is trying to check in since you are unlikely to obtain as many hits on a five-minute live stream as you might on a clip that is part of a typical Blog entry.

You can see who is watching and responding to the Live Stream broadcast if you’re doing it. Sadly, when the show is over, it is impossible to find out who saw your live footage. Even though you see how many people saw your video, you cannot identify who viewed it.

Facebook recently brought out an upgrade that now makes it possible to collect data on the video once your live broadcast has stopped.

  • By visiting your profile, pick the clip for which you wish to see the information.
  • You must then be sent to a website labeled “Live Broadcast Audience” by your internet browser, which should immediately launch a new window.
  • There are two crucial indicators that you may observe on this screen.
    • Peak Concurrent Viewers : The most views you ever had for a single live video are displayed in this statistic.
    • Viewers During Live Broadcast : This information will better understand how the overall viewers’ number changed throughout your show.

Does My Facebook Story Show Who Watches It?

A unique feature is called “Share Your Story.” Users can publish their tales containing text, images, and videos. The next day, such stories would continue to be available. After publishing, verify any Facebook stories.

You might be able to see a list of the individuals who have visited your Facebook story the most. The decision of whom to share a user’s story with is entirely up to them. Many users want to submit tales frequently to see who is viewing them.

How Do I See Everyone Visits My Facebook Page?

People cannot see who has seen their profile on Facebook. However, a number of unauthorized websites make the assertion that they can reveal who has viewed your Facebook profile. Furthermore, this capability cannot be provided by third-party programs. Facebook requests that you report any apps that pretend to provide this functionality.


You wanted to know if it was possible to see who was watching your Facebook videos. Not at all, no. Facebook’s privacy policies are becoming more stringent daily, making it impossible to determine which viewers watched your videos for a brief moment before scrolling through them and which viewers didn’t bother to view them.

If you run a Facebook Account, you may visit Insights to see how many people have watched the videos you’ve published there.

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