Can You Unsend a Text on Android? – Explained

Can You Unsend a Text on Android?

Chatting and texting via phone is all fun and games until you drop a text to the wrong person by mistake. It can put anybody in an embarrassing and awkward situation. Can you unsend a text on android? 

The topic is a serious debate among users. Android phones have been fantastic for generations, with several models with their flagship performance and features. But does it allow you to unsend a text that could put you through embarrassing moments? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. 

Although popular channels like WhatsApp, Facebook and messenger have this facility, regular android texting does not have this feature yet. Of course, the future may be different, and the company may come up with such a technological change, which would come in handy if that’s the case. But as for the prevailing times, you cannot unsend an already sent text in android. 

Yes, it can be frustrating and stressful thinking about all the consequences that one wrong text would bring into your life. Rest assured, we’ve researched the issue well. We have come up with a few alternative techniques you can use to minimize the effects of sending a text that is not intended. Keep reading and learn the methods to save you from yet another potential mishap a wrong text could bring. 

Can You Unsend a Text on Android? 

Unfortunately, you cannot. You can permanently delete a text on your android if you want to. But this doesn’t stop the receiver from receiving the message, as SMS and MMS channels in android work as a one-way transmission technology.

You cannot get back what you put in. once sent, it is shipped. You cannot unsend it. Even on iPhones, it works the same way. However, using a Chinese phone, you can unsend texts on default SMS and MMS. Chinese companies have developed this feature on their products; thus, you can do it on Chinese android devices.

In other androids, it still can’t be done. Hence we have provided you with some efficient methods to unsend a message on your android. 

How to Unsend a Text on Android? 

There are no direct ways to unsend text on android as the devices do not have the feature. But you can play some tricks to unsend it, although they are done indirectly. Let us look at indirect techniques that allow you to unsend a text. 

  • Switch off the Device 

If you hit the send button with a text, you did not intend to send, work fast and switch on the power button to switch off your phone. Or you can remove your battery from the phone.

Most devices do not come with a removable battery these days. If you have a removable battery, you may try to remove it and, if not, opt to switch your phone off directly. This technique does not unsend your text. It will block the message-sending pathway, and there’s a possibility of the text being unsent. 

After a while, switch back on the device and check the message status. If it has not been delivered, you are in luck. A notification informing you about the failure to deliver the message will pop up. You will be saved. If you did not receive any such news, check your account balance to ensure that the text has been sent or not. However, this method requires you to act fast, within seconds, to be successful. 

  • Use a Third-Party Software Application

You can use a third-party messaging application instead of the default messaging apps to send and receive messages. Opt for a secure application that allows you to unsend texts. Your text receiver at the other end does not have to use the same application to receive your texts. Regardless of their use, you can use a third-party application to send and receive messages. 

  • Cancel the Sending Process of the Text 

This facility may not be available on some android devices. Many new Android versions come with this facility where you can stop a message from being sent using the cancel message option. 

When you send a message to a person in the default messaging app, you will see a “sending…” signal in a small font just below the text you have sent. While the message shows that signal, hold and press the textbox quickly.

The app will show you multiple options, and tap on the “cancel message” or “delete message” option. It will cancel the sending process of the text, and thus it will remain unsent. The process can be relatively faster, and you need to act fast, matching the pace of the device. If you are quick enough, you may successfully cancel the sending; if not, it might be sent to the person at the other end. 

  • Switch on Aeroplane Mode 

Switching on aeroplane mode is yet another tricky technique that you can use to unsend a text on android. When aeroplane mode is on, the device will have no cellular connection. You will be blocked from performing any actions on the device that requires an active connection. Sending a message requires a cellular connection. You can prevent the transmission from being sent by cutting off the link. 

When the realization hits after you tap on that send button, turn on the aeroplane mode in your phone as soon as possible. You can find it in the quick settings when you pull down your screen. After switching it on, go back to your chat page, select the specific text and delete it. You can disable the aeroplane mode afterwards, and you will have saved the message from reaching the other person. 

  • Use an Alternative Messaging App

Suppose the lack of the facility to unsend messages is a huge disadvantage. In that case, you can use an alternative platform for messaging purposes. But in such cases, you must ensure the person you are conversing with also uses the same application.


Android default SMS and MMS does not harbour a feature allowing you to unsend a text directly. Hence you need to be innovative and work roundabout ways to get the task done.  

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