How to Find Out Who an Anon is on Tumblr After Answering?

How to Find Out Who an Anon is on Tumblr After Answering

Tumblr offers a variety of functions; however, one of them gets centered on the ability to ask queries. The ability to pose a question on Tumblr provides a social connection that facilitates interaction between content producers and users. Users of Tumblr have the choice of posing questions while disclosing their identities or by remaining anonymous. Furthermore, this is true even if the author has enabled the anonymous inquiry function on his website. It is sometimes required to take safeguards that shield you from unwanted assaults since Internet harassment and the usage of social connecting sites are both on the upswing. This guide will cover how to find out who an anon is on Tumblr after answering.

Read more about determining an anonymous IP on Tumblr.

Prospective customers may communicate with you and inquire about your products and offerings utilizing Tumblr, which is a terrific tool for smaller company entrepreneurs. Tumblr instantly links you with your intended audience. And it can be an excellent tool for showing the finest your company has to provide since it is a visually-focused platform.

Small company owners may utilize this feature to anonymize marketing assessments to understand better how to counteract local rivals. And the potential to develop more compelling USPs for their goods or services. Social networks get used to undertaking this type of marketing assessment. So let’s look at how to find out who an anon is on Tumblr after answering

How to Find Out Who an Anon is on Tumblr After Answering? – All You Need to Know

For instance, if an anonymous person has sent you unpleasant remarks on your Tumblr site, you may find out who they are by looking up their IP address. You must first consider signing up for a tracking system for this assignment, after which you must embed the specific HTML coding for the counter on your post.

  • Open a tracker service on your desktops, such as Site Meter or Web Analytics. A different account creation or registration option should get chosen.
  • Enter your blog’s URL, title, and time region information, and customize your tracker’s settings to your tastes. Therefore, your visitors are unaware that you are tracking specific blog visitors. You may choose to get daily visiting count emails utilizing a hidden tracker.
  • When your counter gets set up, select the HTML code shown and copy it to your template using “Ctrl-C” on a Desktop if the “Copy” choice is unavailable.
  • The gear symbol is located at the top of the site while you get logged into your Tumblr Console.
  • On the following display, choose “Customize” and click “Modify HTML” in the left sidebar.
  • Position your cursor immediately before the tag of your HTML code. Clean up your workspace by pressing “Return” several times; the excess spaces won’t influence how your blog is formatted.
  • Press “Ctrl-V” on your Desktop keypad or “Command-V” on a Mac to enter your HTML script into the freshly freed-up area. Then choose “Upgrade Preview.”
  • To leave the customizing workplace, choose “Save” and “Close.”
  • Use an anonymous text to try out the monitoring function. To achieve this, select “Ask,” type a sample message, then turn on “Request Anonymously” before hitting “Ask” once more to send it.
  • Go to the monitoring provider’s website and sign into your profile. To get data about recent site visitors, choose the choice.
  • Find the listing closest to the moment you believe you had sent anonymously Ask. And broaden it to show user data, such as the visitor’s IP address, accessing region, and length of stay on your blog. Now get the IP address details by highlighting it
  • Open another internet browser or tab and go to an IP search software. To find more information about a person, such as the Internet company, time region, and ZIP code, input the captured address into the search field.


If you still need help with a Tumblr harassment problem, give a legal expert the IP address you found so they can do more tracking.

Things about Anon Ask

• You receive 10 “Asks” every day as a Tumblr member, but only five of them could be secret. Any queries sent after that time won’t get delivered to the blogger you’re trying to contact. As a result, be cautious when you “Ask.”

• Secret “Asks” couldn’t get tracked back to the Tumblr account. Therefore, the only option to react is publically since there is nobody to address the response to. Confidential “Asks” could only be addressed openly on the post itself.

• There is no assurance that a blogger will address your point because they may decide not to. In reality, bloggers have the option of not receiving queries at all.

Ask Feature

• After logging in, use the “tool” symbol at the highest point of the screen to access the Options section on your Tumblr site.

• Select the title of your blog in the header. Mark the box beside “Let individuals ask questions” by scrolling down.

• Choose a name for your Ask page, including “Questions.” You will discover solutions to your questions using the Ask function on this website.

• In the “Enable anonymous inquiries” box, check the box. When this feature is activated, individuals don’t have to sign in or include their identity and email account with their entries.

• To adjust, slide down and select “Save.”

Submit Feature

• Log in and choose the “gear” symbol, then select the name of your post in the header.

• Select the checkbox next to “Let individuals contribute posts” by scrolling down. If you’d like, rename your submit page.

• Decide which submission categories you’ll allow. Select from words, a picture, a video, a link, or a quotation.

• After completing your submitting instructions, navigate and select “Save.”

Bottom line

You could only attempt to follow these instruction for how to find out who an anon is on Tumblr after answering. So, by including a visiting tracking service, like StatCounter, it lets you view the pathways visitors take when browsing your blog.

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