How to Reset Kasa Smart Bulb? [Easy Steps]

how to reset kasa smart buln

Home lightning managed with voice commands is an excellent upgrade to add a more modernized vibe to your home’s air. Kasa is a rosing brand in the industry with its feature of collaborating with the user’s voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. When you wanna roll the eve, Kasa will make all your surroundings shine in your favorite color. How to reset Kasa smart bulb? Consequently, this has been a popular concern with smart homeowners. 

Adapting to the latest technology is indeed challenging. But never worry; we will explain the method you can follow to resolve the issue on your own.

Why Do you Want to Reset Kasa Smart Bulbs?

You can change the settings of your Kasa bulb via the app installed on your mobile. Some users experience an offline bulb status when trying to give a command. If there is no issue with the house’s wiring and you are not undergoing a power failure, your first try must be reset. It will clear the offline status. 

All of a sudden, some Kasa bulbs will be reluctant to obey the orders. Network issues are a probable cause for this. We can also point out hardware failures and errors in the power supply.

If you find laggy responses or a bulb that does not work according to your inputs and are sure that the power supply has not changed, you can try resetting. It will vanish the network issues and will clean up your way. 

When you move to another Wi-Fi service provider and need to switch the network settings of your Kasa bulbs to the new Wi-Fi, you will be able to forget the old one with a hard reset. 

Sometimes we change our smartphones when we need the latest model. If you have installed the Kasa app on your mobile and need to switch the bulb to a new account, resetting will fulfill your necessity. 

How to Reset Kasa Smart Bulb?

Resetting a Kasa smart bulb is an easy task that homeowners can do by their selves. But the procedure may have slight changes according to the type of Wi-Fi bulbs they use. The type of reset also makes changes in the steps.

Those two options are soft reset, where your schedules and settings remain the same, and hard reset, where all the data stored in the bulb erase. We will discuss each method separately for the relevant model. 

Check the manual of your bulb and find its model. If you have an LB 130, KL110B 1.0, KL 120, KL 110 1.0, KL 130B 1.0, LB 230, LB 110, LB100TKIT, LB 200, or LB 100, follow this way. 

  • Soft Reset – Access the switch of the device and turn it off. Continuously turn it to the on position and off position 3 times.
  • Hard Reset – Switch off the light. Then turn it on and off. Repeat the process another 4 times. You should do a total of 5 times. 

If your bulb is one from KL50, KL 110B 2.0, KL60, KL60B, KL110 2.0, KL130B 2.0, KL130 2.0, KL50B, KL125 1.20, KL125 2.0, KL110 3.0, KL125 3.0 or KL135 1.0, you should follow these steps as below. 

  • Soft Reset – First, you should switch off the relevant switch. Then you have to repeat it on and off 10 times continuously. Keep about 1 second time gap between switching on and switching off. 

If you have any model of Kasa smart light strips, this is the way for you.

  • Soft Reset – Press the switch for 5 seconds. That’s all! 
  • Hard Reset – Press the switch and continue in that state for 10 seconds. 

When the resetting is done adequately, you will notice the light blinks three times. If you do not see it, you may have made a mistake. Give it another try. If that also does not start a reset, you must check the TP-Link account.

If another house member has changed the password, you cannot reset your Kasa bulb. You have to dismiss the bulb from the account and reconnect it. Naming your bulb will make you realize whether the disconnection happened with the voice assistance or the Kasa app. 

After the reset, you can reconnect the bulb to your home Wi-Fi. 

Things to Avoid When Resetting Kasa Smart Bulb

Most importantly, be strict about the times of switch on and off you should do. Because if you need a soft reset that does not erase the recent data but exceeds the number of flips, you will sometimes end in a hard reset. You also need to keep a space of 1 second in each switch. 

Sometimes the resetting will be failed when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. If the router is too far from the bulb, it will get poor signals and apparently will present performance issues. You can confirm that by connecting the bulb to a nearest location to the router. 

If you own a modern router, you will have two band options. Always connect your Kasa smart bulbs to the 2.4GHz band.

You must connect to the Kasa app with the same Wi-Fi with which the Kasa bulb is paired. Issues in the app performance also may delay the response rate. Disable the app in your mobile settings and enable it after a few minutes. 

If none of the methods we describe here help you to settle the issue, it is the right time to use the warranty. Kasa bulbs have a two-year warranty. Contact their support desk to have a clear understanding of claiming the warranty. 

What Happens When you Reset a Kasa Smart Bulb?

If you do a soft reset, you will only delete the current data that was unsaved on the bulb. But a hard resetting of a Kasa bulb will clear up all the stored data like scheduled power on/off and dimming. 

What Happens When you Reset a Kasa Smart Bulb

It will resolve any technical issue bound with the network connection that is made by the bulb with the router and the app. 

How to Know When the Kasa Smart Bulb Issue is Beyond DIY Repair?

If you have tried all the ways we mentioned in this article and end with no result and even a new bulb behaves the same, doubt appears in the power supply. If your main electrical supply unit does not have enough voltage, all your devices will face performance issues. Contact an electrician to inspect the fact in your home wiring. 

Hardware damages that happened during transportation or installation are another valid possibility. Check your bulb for cracks or damages. If you find such, with your payment slips and delivery details, you can claim a new bulb. 

How to Maintain your Kasa Smart Bulbs to Avoid Issues?

  • When installing, be careful not to cause any damage to the bulb. The same care must be paid when cleaning. Use a soft cloth when wiping the bulbs. 
  • Check the bulb for damages, especially if you get delivered your Kasa bulbs. 
  • Perform inspections of your home’s voltage regularly via an electrician. 
  • Do not use a dimmer for your smart lighting. Always keep the switch on and use your mobile app to turn the bulb on and off. You can arrange the brightness as you need with the help of the app. 
  • Avoid exposing your Kasa smart bulb to high degrees of heat and moisture when storing or transporting. 

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