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How to Turn Off Autoplay on Peacock App? (Updated Guide)

Peacock is an app based on a streaming service. It is the app of Peacock-TV. Through this app, you can also enjoy TV series and blockbuster movies. Currently, UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland users have access to this platform. This app provides service to access NBC broadcast shows’ current seasons the day after they air, access to late-night chat shows of NBC before they air, full access to the television and film collections at Peacock, and other sports, such as Premier League soccer. And on default, this app provides autoplaying videos. Although it is a good thing to autoplay videos at times, many users have complained about this as annoying. So, it is important to know how to turn off Autoplay on Peacock app for users.

By turning off Autoplay, we will be able to prevent excessive usage of battery and data. In this article, let’s find out how to turn off Autoplay on Peacock app.

What is Autoplay on Peacock App?

On Peacock app, it will automatically switch to a different show whenever you complete watching a series or a movie. While watching, if you fall asleep, you wake up in the morning and find that six or seven episodes have played.

Auto playing is beneficial for the users as you won’t have to touch the screen or lift a finger after watching a complete episode. You can keep your phone on a tripod and watch what you want comfortably.

However, it is not usually a wise move. Users might not enjoy the video playing automatically if the subject is sensitive (such as health conditions) or personal. And also, it may cause the usage of data for unfavorable media.

Users may be prevented from surfing a website naturally and logically by autoplay media. Therefore, your favorite media may not be suggested.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on Peacock App?    

Unfortunately, Peacock TV has no option to turn off the autoplay feature; thus,, the only way to stop it is to press “Cancel” after watching.

This could be helpful when you’re awake, but the “Cancel” button is ineffective when you are asleep.

However, we’ve provided several solutions below to help you to get around this problem.

  • On Google Chrome

There is an extension for Google Chrome called Autoplay Stopper which is fantastic when watching Peacock.

  1. Set “Allow autoplay” to default mode
  2. Add Peacock as an exception
  3. Set behaviour to “Block(strict)”
  • On Android Device

You can plan display changes and app timers. The app will be restricted by Digital Wellbeing, and the autoplay feature won’t activate.

  1. Go to “Settings “
  2. And then to “Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls.”
  3. Then, “Set your apps’ timings.”
  4. Choose “Peacock”
  5. Indicate the duration you prefer it to play for.

Be sure to choose yourself as a parent when you do this. This is a clever technique to disable Peacock’s autoplay feature since Digital Wellbeing will disable the app immediately as your movie is ended and stop the autoplay option from activating.

  • On iPhone

The iPhone has a built-in sleep timer that may be used if you wish to play media for a short while or to help you relax and go to sleep.

The sleep timer can be utilized on older or non-updated devices because it has been a part of the iPhone since iOS 7.

  1. Open the Clock app.
  2. Tap Timer at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Set the Timer’s duration by rotating the dials.
  4. After the Timer expires, tap.
  5. Tap Stop Playing at the bottom, then tap Set.
  6. Press Start.

The countdown will begin. When the Timer expires, the phone immediately stops playing any media and turns off the display, and locks the screen.

  • On TV / Smart TV

If you use Peacock on Roku TV, is to stop any movie you’re viewing as soon as it’s finished.

The return key on your TV or Roku control should be pressed.

Or on any other TV/ Smart TV, you have to go to “System Settings” and schedule the “Timer” for your preference.

Benefits of Turning off Autoplay on Peacock App

Turning off Autoplay helps to save excess usage of data and helps to maintain your battery life fairly. Also, it prevents playing your favorite TV series, movies, or TV shows when you are not watching or while you fall asleep. And from this, wellbeing keeps improving as you are spending little time on these smart devices after watching whatever appears or auto-plays after you have watched what you prefer.

Additionally, turning off Autoplay will improve the user experience and prevent unwanted playback. Sometimes when we open an app or visit a website, a random video suddenly appears and starts playing at its maximum volume. It will be very annoying and troublesome if you are in a public area.

This might only happen on the Peacock app if the video streams after whatever you watch have a high volume. So, it can be prevented, and disabling Autoplay will help the app to be more user-friendly also by not interfering with user preference.

How to Manage Autoplay on Other Streaming Services?

Let’s consider two of the most famous streaming services, Netflix and Hulu.

On Netflix,

There is no need for additional extensions or settings because Netflix provides its own set either to activate or to disable Autoplay.

  1. Select your profile in the upper right corner. click here
  2. Choose Edit (Pen Picture).
  3. Choose Manage Profiles.
  4. Select your profile.
  5. Turn off “Autoplay Next Episode.”

On Hulu

You can control Autoplay while the video is playing or from your account settings.

  1. Choose Settings from the Account Icon dropdown.
  2. Turn on/off Autoplay

Common Problems and Troubleshooting Tips for Autoplay on Peacock App

Autoplay promotes binge-watching, which can cause bad sleep patterns, failure to fulfill other obligations, and general mental weariness. Some users might prefer to choose each episode independently rather than letting the app decide what to show next. But autoplay will be a problem with that. If a viewer has to pause, replay, or rest in the middle of an episode, autoplay may interfere with their experience.

As there is not yet an option for disabling autoplay, as a troubleshooting tip, it is better to contact customer support. You should be aware, though, that Peacock support has already let the public know that autoplay is an inbuilt feature and will probably be repeated. So, to lessen the stress from the autoplay option, we urge you to try any other solutions. Still, if you want to speak with Peacock’s customer service representatives to see what they can do, visit their website.


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