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10 Essential Chrome Tricks and Shortcuts Every User Should Know

Chrome Browser Tricks: Unleash the Power of the Web with These Hidden Features. The Chrome browser, developed by Google, has become the most widely used web browser due to its speed, simplicity, and customizability. While many users are familiar with the basic functionalities of Chrome, such as searching the web and bookmarking websites, there are several hidden features and tricks that can greatly enhance your browsing experience. In this article, we will uncover some of these lesser-known Chrome browser tricks that can help you become a more efficient and savvy web user.

1. Tab Management

One of the key advantages of Chrome is its excellent tab management capabilities. If you find yourself with a multitude of tabs open, use these tricks to regain control:

– Right-clicking on a tab allows you to pin it, which shrinks the tab and prevents accidental closure. This is useful for keeping frequently accessed websites readily available without cluttering your tab bar.
– To reliably reopen recently closed tabs, simply press “Ctrl + Shift + T” on Windows or “Command + Shift + T” on Mac. This shortcut works like a charm, especially when you accidentally close an important tab.
– Grouping tabs can help you stay organized. Just right-click on a tab, select “Add Tab to New Group”, and assign a name to the group. You can easily switch between tabs within the same group or collapse and expand the entire group as needed.

2. Search Tricks

Chrome’s address bar, also known as the Omnibox, is not just for entering URLs. It can serve as a powerful search tool:

– To search within a specific website, type the website’s name and hit “Tab.” This will transform the Omnibox into a search bar specifically for that website, allowing you to find information faster.
– Shortcuts like “site:[website] [search term]” search a specific website without having to visit it first. For example, typing “ dolphins” will display search results from Wikipedia related to dolphins.
– Need to convert units or perform calculations quickly? Simply enter the desired conversion or calculation in the Omnibox, and Chrome will provide the result, eliminating the need to visit a separate website.

3. Customization

Chrome offers various customization options to make your browsing more personalized:

– You can change the browser theme by clicking on your profile picture at the top right corner, selecting “Settings,” and navigating to the “Appearance” section. Choose from a variety of themes or even create your own for a unique browsing experience.
– Chrome’s vast collection of extensions allows you to add extra functionality and tailor the browser to your needs. Popular extensions include ad-blockers, password managers, and productivity tools. To explore available extensions, click on the puzzle piece icon at the top right corner and select “Manage extensions.”
– Hands-free browsing is possible with Chrome’s voice control feature. Activate it by clicking on the microphone icon at the top right corner and speak your commands, such as “open new tab” or “search for [topic].”


Learning these Chrome browser tricks can significantly amplify your web browsing experience. From effective tab management to efficient searching and customization options, Chrome offers an array of features that can make your online activities smoother and more enjoyable. Take advantage of these hidden gems and unleash the full power of the web with Google Chrome.


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