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Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook [Solved]

With around 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook has expanded to become one of the most renowned social networking platforms. Despite its various rivals, Facebook has altered social platforms and kept its users’ trust by providing many features in weekly updates. Navigating around with so many new features might be a bit puzzling at times. “Why can’t I add someone on Facebook” is one of many users’ questions. You can’t add someone on Facebook for various reasons, but it doesn’t always mean they’ve blocked you. To know what is happening, we have prepared this guide your you to figure out the solution to your problem.

How Facebook Works

Individuals and businesses can communicate and exchange information, photographs, and videos on Facebook. Users of Facebook can build a profile, add other users as “friends,” send messages to their friends and view the profiles of other users in part. Each Facebook user controls their profile’s privacy settings, determining how much of their information is visible to other users.

However, if you cannot see the ‘Add Friend’ option on a Facebook profile and search all over the internet for “Why can’t I add someone on Facebook?” We have provided a full explanation of the numerous reasons why you are unable to add someone on Facebook, as well as how to resolve the issue.

Wondering, Why Can’t I Add Someone On Facebook? Follow the steps below

Here are all of the reasons you might be unable to send that individual a friend request, as well as a solution.

  1. Privacy Settings.
  2. Existing Friend Request.
  3. Friends Limit.
  4. Restriction by Facebook.
  5. They Rejected your Friends Request.
  6. Deactivated Account.
  7. Marked as Spam.

Privacy Settings

Due to their restrictive privacy settings, you may not be able to add someone on Facebook. You won’t be able to send them a request if you don’t have any mutual friends with them, and their Friend Request privacy is on “Friends of Friends.”

You can message them outside Fb, do ask them to send you a request. But if you don’t know them outside Facebook, you can also send them a Fb message but bear in mind that your message will end up in the requests section because you’re not friends. As a result, you never know when you’ll hear back from them.

Existing Friend Request

Usually, if you’ve already sent someone a friend request, Fb will display the request sent button instead of the add friend button, but this isn’t always the case. If it’s been a while since you made your request and they haven’t added you, it’s easy to forget about it. To see if your request to that person is still pending, go to your pending sent friend requests page. Cancel the old request and send them a new one.

Friends Limit

On Facebook, each user gets limited to a maximum of 5000 friends. If any of you or your friend’s list has gone beyond, you cannot add more friends. Unfriend some people before sending a friend request to that person. Or ask them to remove anyone from their list to be able to add you.

Restriction by Facebook

Facebook’s algorithm guards against spam and abuse. If someone is reported to Facebook enough times and infringing the Facebook community guidelines, their account may get limited for some time. Intervals of time might be as brief as a few hours or as long as several weeks. The individual receives restrictions from Facebook from participating in certain activities during this period.

It’s conceivable that’s why you’re unable to add a person. You can wait for a little and then try again to see whether you’re still permitted to do so. In addition, you cannot contact the person via Messenger also if Facebook restricts your access to use it. You should receive a notification in your support mailbox about the violation. If you think you haven’t done anything wrong,  you can also appeal the decision from your Fb account’s support inbox.

They Rejected your Friends Request

If “Why can’t I add someone on Facebook?” is still not answered yet, another option is that the individual has already turned your request down. If you’ve already made a friend request and aren’t sure why you’re still seeing the add Friend button, it’s most likely because they declined it. If the Add Friend button is still active, you can send another request.

Also, if they made you a friend request and declined, but you now want to add them, you might not see the Add Friend button since they have particular privacy settings. They’ll need to send you another friend request.

Deactivated Account

You might not be able to add someone if their account has been disabled. If someone does this, the Facebook account is usually left online in some manner unless it completely gets deleted. No one will be able to send friend requests as long as their account remains disabled.

Marked as Spam

If you delete a friend request, Fb ensures that the sender will not get notified. However, they can send you a friend request again. If you don’t want any friend request from them in the future or don’t want them to see your profile, use the report or block option from Facebook Support.


Hopefully, one of the above reasons will provide you with a solution, allow you to continue interacting with friends and enjoying this social networking platform.

The most important feature of Facebook is the ability to add and communicate with others. If you have difficulty using this feature, it gets annoying. If this problem affects everyone, you are trying to add for no apparent reason. You can always contact support to see if there’s something else wrong.

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